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Food, Glorious Food!

Food, Glorious Food!

November seems to be all about FOOD.  Of course, Thanksgiving happens in November, but did you know it is also……










sweet potato    and NATIONAL SWEET POTATO MONTH?

There are many other food celebrations recognized as well. Here is a delicious tour through the month of November:

NOV. 1—Fig Day 

NOV. 2—Deviled Egg Day

NOV. 3—Sandwich Day

NOV. 6—Nachos Day

NOV. 7—Dark Chocolate with Almonds Day

NOV. 8—Cook Something Bold & Pungent Day

NOV. 8—Cappuccino Day

NOV. 9—Scrapple Day

NOV. 10—Vanilla Cupcake Day

NOV. 11—Split Pea Soup Day

NOV. 13—Pizza With Everything Day

NOV. 14—Indian Pudding Day

NOV. 15—Pickle Day

NOV. 15—Bundt Cake Day

NOV. 17—Homemade Bread Day 

NOV. 18—Vichyssoise Day

NOV. 20—Peanut Butter Fudge Day

NOV. 23—Eat a Cranberry Day

NOV. 23—Cashew Day

NOV. 24—Sardines Day

NOV. 25—Parfait Day

NOV. 26—Cake Day


NOV. 27—Bavarian Cream Pie Day

NOV. 28—Maize Day

NOV. 28—French Toast Day

NOV. 29—Lemon Cream Pie Day

NOV. 30—Mousse Day

***Here are some great cookbooks, available at our library, featuring Thanksgiving food and facts, plus just plain hearty food in general :

American feasts : the best of American regional cooking by Williams   641.5 WI

The American heritage cookbook   641.5973 AM

Eating together : food, friendship, and inequality by Julier. 394.12 JUL

Native harvests : American Indian wild foods and recipes by Kavasch    641.5997 KAV

New good food : essential ingredients for cooking and eating well by Witt   641.322 Witt

Pennsylvania heritage cookbook : a cook’s tour of Keystone cultures by Nagurny   641.5 NAG

The Silver Palate good times cookbook by Rosso   641.5 RO

Thanksgiving : the biography of an American holiday by Baker   394.264 BAK

Remember that not everyone has all the food they need. The third week in November is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. You can participate in the many canned food drives around the Harrisburg area, any time of year, or volunteer at a shelter to serve turkey dinners to the homeless. Food gatherings are all about family, friends, being thankful for what we have and sharing it with others.

***We would love to hear about your favorite Thanksgiving foods (and recipes, if you’re willing to share), plus your experiences and ideas involving sharing food and/or friendship with others.

NOTE:  All food images are in the public domain.


Are you Cyber Safe?


October is NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS MONTH and there’s no better time to review some tips for making sure you are as safe as possible when on the Internet or using devices.  Cyber crimes are on the rise and serious protection is a must.  Also, your credit rating, future employment and many other aspects of your personal life can be affected if you are not cyber-savvy!

You are welcome to share your experiences and personal tips for keeping yourself cyber-safe as well as words of wisdom to consider before posting on Facebook, YouTube, etc.


Check out this website, which has a treasure of helpful resources online:

We also have several books in the library to help you with this timely topic, as well as e-books and films:

America the vulnerable : inside the new threat of digital espionage, crime, and warfare by Brenner   364.16 BRE

Cyber bullying : protecting kids and adults from online bullies by McQuade    364.152 MCQ

Cyber crime and the victimization of women : laws, rights and regulations by Halder   OVR 345.026 HAL

Cybercrime : criminal threats from cyberspace by Brenner   364.168 BRE

Cybercrime : investigating high-technology computer crime by Moore   364.168 MOO

Identity theft : a reference handbook by Hoffman 364.163 HOF

Investigating identity theft : a guide for businesses, law enforcement, and victims by Collins   363.25 COL

Nothing to hide : the false tradeoff between privacy and security by Solove   342.7308 SOL

Phishing and countermeasures : understanding the increasing problem of electronic identity theft   364.163 JAK

Privacy, security, and cyberspace by Plotkin    005.8 PLO

Protecting your internet identity : are you naked online? By Claypoole   302.231 CLA

Seven deadliest social network attacks by Timm   006.754 TIM

Stealing your life : the ultimate identity theft prevention plan by Abagnale   362.88 ABA

And some films as well:

Can you hack it? attack on personal information

Code Wars: America’s Cyber Threat

Cybercrime world wide war 3.0

Cyberstalker: hard lessons of internet safety

Defeating the Hackers

Sc@mmed: online identity theft

TED Talks: Mikko Hypponen, Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net

The Value of Your Personal Data



The Book?? or the Movie??

It’s an old debate…..which is better, the book orange bookor the movie?  filmreel

Book lovers say:

  • They dislike how movie characters and settings are not as they appeared in their imagination while they were reading the book. When reading, you provide your own imagery.
  • If something becomes confusing during reading, the reader can flip back a few (or a lot) of pages (or screens on a Kindle) for clarification. True, you can go back and scene-select during a movie, but finding certain parts is not always as precise.
  • There are more details and more opportunities to fully develop the story in a book. Movies often skip parts that readers of the book might find critical to the plot.
  • Book lovers contend that the reader absorbs and retains more of the story’s information by reading it. Reading engages the brain more fully.
  • Books are free at the library!!

Movie lovers say:

  • The action in the movie appeals in a more visual way that is more dramatic.
  • Most people prefer a time commitment of a couple of hours as opposed to the several needed to complete a book.
  • Movie lovers say that movies are meant to entertain and they are more for “escape,” not educational study.
  • Movies are a great way to introduce good stories to non-readers.
  • You can usually check out movies at the library as well as books.

My own opinion on the topic of which is better, the book or the movie, is “It depends.”

We have all seen good books, for young and old, that have been turned into a less than satisfying movie. For example, I was very disappointed in the movie versions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Stuart Little.

But some books have truly come to life for me on the screen, such as in The Princess Bride, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Jaws. The printed books were just not as enjoyable in these cases.

What do you think? Know any good books/bad movies, or vice versa? Let us know!!

You can post responses here on the blog or on our “Book or Movie” Pinterest board:

filmreel       orange book       filmreel        orange book       filmreel        orange book       filmreel

Here are some books that I loved that will be movies soon. As always, I just hope they don’t  mess them up!! They are action-packed and have the potential to be good movies.

 THE MAZE RUNNER–Thomas is dropped into a strange community after his memory is erased, soon learning they’re all trapped in a dangerous maze that will require him to become a runner for a chance at escape.

THE GIVER–In a futuristic utopian community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy, Jonas, is chosen to receive memories from The Giver about the true pains and pleasures of the world of the past.

UNBROKEN–Chronicles the life of Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic runner, taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II and cruelly treated.

GONE GIRL–As his wife’s disappearance becomes the focus of intense media scrutiny, a man sees that it’s suspected that he may not be innocent. (I actually didn’t like the ending of the book, but its portrayal on the big screen might be better.)


Kay Fleeger