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A Clean, Organized Start for the New Year

I was just starting to rack my brain for an idea for the library’s January display and blog, when I came upon a list of various celebrations for January.   I discovered that January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day but people may consider me to be nuts to try to devote the entire blog to the furry fellows.  I also do not plan to celebrate National Static Electricity Day on January 9th. Hope that doesn’t shock you! When I saw that the second Monday of the month is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, I could so relate. This year, the second Monday in January is also when online classes begin for the winter term with regular classes beginning the next day.  What better way to start the new term than spending some time organizing your desk and getting mentally ready for the winter term? Perhaps you even want to take “Cleaning off your desk” even farther by thinking of the New Year as a time to embrace your educational experience by being the best you can be.

The library just happens to have some books about organization and how to thrive in the college and in life. Some of the titles include….


Organizing from the Inside Out: the foolproof system for organizing your home, your office, and your life by Julie Morgenstern




U thrive: how to succeed in college (and life) by Daniel Lerner





College success guaranteed: 5 rules to make it happen by Malcolm Gauld. (Guaranteed—that is quite a promise!)

Hope you begin the winter term and New Year with a clean slate and a clean desk.