Dreaming of a New Library



Talk about dreaming and dreaming BIG! Let’s imagine that a mysterious person walks into the library and presents the library with a check, a BIG check like the ones featured at golf tournaments. The check is large physically but it is also large monetary! It has lots of zeros on it after a large number as the first number. It is the real thing and now the library can start dreaming about a new and improved library for Central Penn College and your learning experience.
Where is the most convenient place on campus for the library to be located? What would you like to see in a new library? How can we improve the collection? Do you want to see areas within the library for group study that won’t disturb other students? I know we librarians do! Want an area that is super quiet so you can really study? Do you want to see more carrels (those individual study desks)? Do you want more and faster computers? Do you want a complete computer lab? Do you want a coffee bar?
We really want your feedback as we wait for the mysterious person carrying a large check!


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