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Thought that picture of money might get your attention! As a college student, do you feel you are broke and probably will be broke forever? There is help and let me share various resources the library has.
I just gathered some books on Financial Literacy for the library’s display shelf on your right as you enter the library. The National Financial Educators Council defines financial literacy as: “Possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual’s personal, family and global community goals.”
As I was gathering the titles, I was first struck with the fact that so many of the authors make the assumption that you have money to invest. Then I came across some titles that seemed more helpful. They suggest that you identify your goals and prioritize how you spend your money. Peter Sander, who wrote Personal Finance Handbook [332.024 Sander] wants to help you control day to day finances. Carl Richards who wrote The One-Page Financial Plan [332.024 RIC] wants you to be clear on where you are financially and where you want to be. He suggests that you prioritize your goals and realize that you will need to make trade-offs to realize those financial goals.
In my searching, I learned that April is Financial Literacy Month. There is a website at run by Money Management International. They offer a 30 step path to help you manage your money. The steps may be started at any time. I did peek and saw that the first step is to commit to change. Yes, change is good! If you do commit to change you will have more change in your pocket. Oh, that was poor but it is true!