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Love your Library Contest



I am going to assume that when you think of Valentine’s Day you don’t immediately think of how you love your library, but I am asking you to give it some thought.

What does the library mean to you?
How has the library/ librarians helped you?
What aspects of the library do you find helpful?

The questions are just to get you thinking about how you love your library.
Feel free to be creative and you can tell us in a poem or add an image to your love note to us
Post your entry on the library’s FB page
Post it by midnight, February 10th
We will be selecting a post to win a $25 cash prize.

Is your New Year’s Resolution to improve your college experience???

Perhaps you don’t feel the need to make New Year’s Resolutions but a New Year gives everyone the opportunity to think about improving their lives.
Do you feel as if you are making the most of your college days? Hopefully you have made a resolution to improve your college experience, here are some ways to improve your college success.

1. Are you tired? Of course, you are sleep deprived, you are in college! However, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do to improve your grades. Attempt normal sleeping patterns. Pulling an “all nighter” does not qualify as being normal.
2. Eat a brain-healthy diet. OK, those cookies over break were delicious but your brain doesn’t need that sugar. The brain also doesn’t need many items found at fast food places. Try to eat unprocessed fresh food. I agree it is not easy!
3. Exercise. Physical activity boosts blood flow to the brain. Hey, that brain needs all the stimulation it can get. The brain would like you to work out at least 20 minutes a day; even a brisk walk around the campus counts.
4. Break your social media habit. When you should be studying, do you find your mind wanting to check Facebook or twitter or some other site? If you don’t have the self control not to check sites during times you should be studying, there are apps to block your access to the Internet or certain sites.
5. Stop procrastinating. Oh, easier said than done but try breaking down large tasks into parts and setting a deadline for each part. Your assignment will be so much better than one thrown together at the last minute. Professors will easily recognize the difference between a well-planned project and a last minute one.
6. Get to know your professor. Don’t pester them but don’t be shy about approaching them. Take advantage of their office hours. Let them know that you are making an effort.
7. Stop complaining. Are you one who spends as much time complaining about an assignment as it would take for you to simply do it?
8. Use the resources available to you here on campus. Use the library! Check out our display this month on books to improve your college success. Use the Writing Center. Use the math tutor. Central Penn wants you to do well.
9. Resolve to keep your resolutions. Write them down so you will be reminded. If you have taken the steps to get more sleep; eat right; exercise; have stopped procrastinating and are planning ahead, you should feel as if you have more control over your life. That in itself is extremely rewarding.