Charles “T” Jones Leadership Library


Yes, the name of the Central Penn College library, “The Charles T Jones Leadership Library”, is a mouthful but we are grateful to Charles T Jones for his support.
Fifty years ago, Charles “T” Jones founded Life Management Services in Mechanicsburg and then traveled the country as a motivational speaker and teacher of leadership. He wanted people to improve their lives through reading. He also made a generous donation to our library knowing that we could provide a venue for both the importance of reading and leadership. The entire library bears his name but within the library there is a leadership room that houses books about (yes, you guessed it) — leadership!
A couple of months ago, I was glancing at the Harrisburg Patriot News and noticed an article in the supplement of “Make a Change”. The article, “To climb the ladder, Be Visible, Involved” was written by Caroline Banton. She pointed out that it takes more than hard work to advance in a career. One suggestion she made is to improve your leadership skills. She said that studies have shown that leaders are made; not just born that way. Since no one leaves the hospital nursery with critical thinking skills or problem solving or team building skills, one must search for ways to develop their own leadership skills.
As you can guess, we hope that you include developing your leadership skills as part of your Central Penn College experience. Yes, make a visit to the Charles T Jones Leadership Library and see how we can help you reach your potential with our leadership books.

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