Your Vote Does Make a Difference!






There seems to be a common occurrence among college students that their votes do not make a difference. Shannon Gendreau has listed three reasons why it is important for students to vote.
Shannon’s first reason is that you may not care now, but you will later down the road. She points out that voting for a candidate that shares the same views as you increases your chances for a better life once you graduate. If you feel it doesn’t affect you now, think of how it may affect you in four years.
Now you may be wondering how to learn more about the candidates and their views. I recently made up a guide that has links to websites to help you make informed voting decisions. The guide also has links to information about registering to vote and obtaining an absentee ballot. I especially likes the two “Quiz Yourself” links where you can see how your values compare with the candidates.
Back to Shannon’s three reasons students should vote, her second reason is that college students can be a powerful force. If all college students voted, they would make up 20 % of the voting population. Twenty percent can change an election.
Shannon’s final reason is that it is your future! We are fortunate to live in a country where we have a say in how the government is run. Let us exercise that right!

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