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Research paper due? Check out CREDO.

You have a report due, where do you start to find background information on the topic?

Check out

Why do I want to access CREDO Reference?
CREDO is a great place to begin your research, with dictionary definitions and encyclopedia entries from a variety of reliable reference sources. It provides you with lots of background information. It also guides you in your research by helping you narrow broad topics and find related material.
How do I access this platform?
Go to Blackboard, click on Library. There you will select “Find Journals/ Other Online Resources” and among the options you will see CREDO. In the CREDO box, you can click to learn more about CREDO or you may go straight to the CREDO platform and begin searching. I do recommend looking at the how to use CREDO page. No, it doesn’t hurt to read the directions/recommendations!
How do I get started in my search?
Type your search term or phrase into the basic search box. The results page will have the topic pages listed at the top of the page, if a topic page has been created. There are oodles of topic pages. Topic pages in CREDO link you directly to other library online resources, such as EBSCO and Gale databases, Opposing Viewpoints, and Ebrary. If your topic doesn’t have a topic page, it will still have links to research articles. You are able to apply filters to narrow your results. To save time, use the quick view eye symbol on the right and you will have a preview of each article. Chances are there will also be related books and resources shown. You can click on the related resource and you will leave the CREDO site and be in a new database that we subscribe to but there will be no need to retype the search term.

I am a visual learner, can CREDO help me?
Yes, CREDO has the Mind Map as one of the options on the basic search page. The Mind Map provides a visual image of your topic and the concepts related to it to help you narrow broad topics and find related material.

How do I cite the information I find on the site using the APA style?
The bottom of every CREDO Reference entry includes a citation that you can copy and paste into your paper.
CREDO is available 24/7. If you need help in using it, please get in touch with the library! Go to Blackboard then Library and then Welcome! There you will find our hours and the various ways to contact us.

Your Vote Does Make a Difference!






There seems to be a common occurrence among college students that their votes do not make a difference. Shannon Gendreau has listed three reasons why it is important for students to vote.
Shannon’s first reason is that you may not care now, but you will later down the road. She points out that voting for a candidate that shares the same views as you increases your chances for a better life once you graduate. If you feel it doesn’t affect you now, think of how it may affect you in four years.
Now you may be wondering how to learn more about the candidates and their views. I recently made up a guide that has links to websites to help you make informed voting decisions. The guide also has links to information about registering to vote and obtaining an absentee ballot. I especially likes the two “Quiz Yourself” links where you can see how your values compare with the candidates.
Back to Shannon’s three reasons students should vote, her second reason is that college students can be a powerful force. If all college students voted, they would make up 20 % of the voting population. Twenty percent can change an election.
Shannon’s final reason is that it is your future! We are fortunate to live in a country where we have a say in how the government is run. Let us exercise that right!