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Let’s head to the Beach!



I was just looking at the August Activities Calendar and the all- day beach trip on August 1st certainly caught my attention. My mind started wandering and I found myself splashing in the waves. I had to quickly get it back to the Central Penn Library and I continued looking at the activities calendar. If you aren’t able to go on the beach trip, you do have other opportunities during the month to enjoy summer. There will be Water Wars at the pool on the 4th; a picnic on the 10th; sand volleyball the evenings of the 10th and 24th and a dance on the 26th with the theme of “A Night in the Tropics.”
Just as there are a wide variety of summer activities for you here on campus, there are a wide variety of books here at the library for both your reading pleasure and for increasing your brain power. Keeping with the beach theme, we have The Beach Book: Science of the Shore [552.457 HOB]. I also found another ocean science book in the Atlas of Coasts and Oceans [577.512 HIN]
I found a true crime book in our collection entitled Palm Beach Murder [364.1523 COL]
In our history section, I found The War for all the Oceans: from Nelson at the Nile to Napoleon at Waterloo [940.274] Oh, how many wars have been fought on the high seas.
Going into books that are more like beach reads ( pun intended), I found the Beach House by Jane Green that takes place is Nantucket [ 823.914 GRE] and Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. [823.92 STED]   In Light between Oceans, a lighthouse keeper on an island off of Australia has a small boat wash up onto the shore with a baby inside. The event changes his life.
The library has a nice group of books for your laid back summer reading. I think of them as beach reads although of course, they all don’t have the word Beach in the title and you don’t need to be lounging on a beach to read them. The librarians will be glad to show you where our literature section is and to point out some “beach reads” to you.

10 new laptops for the library —Thank you CP Education Foundation!

laptop cropped pic

Need to borrow a laptop? The library has recently added 10 new laptops, thanks to the Central Penn Educational Foundation. You may borrow a laptop and keep it for one week. When it is due, you may renew it unless someone has requested it. The library is thrilled to have more laptops for you to use. In the past, often all of our laptops were in use and we could not accommodate everyone who wished to borrow one.
Personally I am amazed with computer technology. Perhaps it is my age – yes, my birth certificate says I am old—but I never imagined what can be done today using a computer. When I was a librarian here at Central Penn in the late 1990’s, the internet was only available in the librarians’ office, not for general student use in the library. There is no way one could imagine borrowing a laptop and using it anywhere.
It seems as if computer technology is everywhere, but it wasn’t always this way! The library has a display of books on the history of computers. The display is just on your right as you enter the library. The display shares the area where we have the new books and DVDs.
Come to the library to check out the display or one of our new laptops or a book or DVD or video game or board game….