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Independence Day

When you think of the 4th of July or Independence Day what comes to mind? Is it a barbecue or a picnic with family or neighbors? Does it include fireworks or at least sparklers? Do you go to a parade? Is it simply a day off from school or work when you get chance to sleep in?
Let’s take a moment to reflect on why we celebrate Independence Day. We are celebrating our freedom, especially our right to govern ourselves. We have the right to vote for our leaders. We don’t have to bow and curtsey to a king or queen. We can thank the Founding Fathers for our freedom. On July 2nd, 1776, the members of the Second Continental Congress voted for a legal separation from Great Britain. The sixty members of the Congress then spent the next day fine tuning the Declaration of Independence to explain why they wanted to no longer be ruled by Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was presented to the public on the 4th of July.
With representatives from each of the colonies, the members of the Second Continental Congress were taking a bold move in telling Great Britain that they wanted their freedom and realized that they would have to fight for it. I wonder if I had been living in colonial times, if I would have made the bold move of joining the rebel Patriots. Would I be afraid to make a stand for independence or just let British rule continue? What would you do? It is something to ponder.


There are various books and DVDs about the colonial leaders and beginnings of the American republic on display on your right as you enter the library.

The Library can help you “Get a Job!”

Many of you are very much looking forward to graduating and starting a career. You are ready to apply your knowledge into a job in the workplace. You are ready to start earning a paycheck.
Oh, I got ahead of myself there. First you need to find a position and the library can help! The library has a collection of books that we call the Work Place Collection and it contains books that will help you get into the workplace.
We have books to help you with the process of hunting for a position.

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We have books to help you in writing a resume. Yes, we have more resume books than just these three.

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We have books to help you write the important cover letter.  Here  are just some of the cover letter books we have.

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GOOD NEWS! They want you to interview for a position. These books are just some of the books in our collection that will help you be prepared for the interview.

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We hope you graduate to a GREAT JOB and remember the library can help!