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Take advantage of borrowing games from the library over Thanksgiving Break

With the upcoming Thanksgiving break, you will be able to borrow games from the Library for more than the usual 3 day loan period. The board games and video games borrowed the week of Thanksgiving will be due back in the library on Tuesday, December 1st, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Below are some suggestions from our wide selection of games.
If you have little people who you need to keep from climbing the walls, you may consider borrowing the board games

If you need a game for a bit older crowd, we have Clue, Apple to Apples and others! Most of these lend themselves to being good family fun!
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Do you find board games to be boring?
We have games for PS3, X box and Wii.
Do hope you have a nice, fun and relaxing break !

Also remember to return or renew  your games by December 1st!



So many books… so little time

Perhaps you have seen on tee shirts or mugs the saying “So many books, So little time.”
That is the way I feel about reading. I should clarify that I am talking about reading for pleasure; although many of you may be feeling the pressure and feel that way about having to read your textbooks! Despite your busy days, I do recommend escaping with a fiction book.
Here at Central Penn Library, you will not find the books in a separate fiction section; we have the fun fiction in with the literature books in the 813 section. Fantasies, hIstorical fiction, thrillers, mysteries — they are all there! As many times as I go to that section, I am constantly finding new titles that I didn’t realize we had. I just made a visit to the shelves to pull books that I would like to recommend to you as escape reading. Right now you will find these titles on our display shelf, just to your right as you enter the library.
Perhaps you would like to revisit, or read for the first time

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series [ 823.912 Lew]

Harry Potter series [ 823.914 Rowling]

Lord of the Rings series 823.912 TOLK]


Historical Fiction


All the Light We Cannnot See by Anthony Doerr [813.6 DOE]
Don’t be daunted by the fact this book won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2015. Winning the Pulitizer is really important to an author. It is equivalent to winning the Academy Award plus. Our online catalog describes the book as “a stunningly ambitious and beautiful novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.”


The White by Deborah Larsen [ 813.54 Lar]
Here’s is a story based on fact that took place less than an hour from here. Amazon describes the story as “In 1758, when Mary Jemison is about sixteen, a Shawnee raiding party captures her Irish family near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Mary is the only one not killed and scalped.” She is then forced to live as a Native American’ but it is better than being scalped!


Pope Joan by Donna Cross [ 813.54 Cro]
Could there really have been a female Pope back in the 9th century?

Gone Girl by Gilliam Flynn [ 813.6 FLY]

Hope this book is really fiction and no one can or will behave like the main characters!

Bare Bones by Nancy Reich [ 813.542 REI]

Note: we have a number of books by Nancy Reich


Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Oh, a book by the “King” of Thrillers [813.54 King]


Total Control by David Baldacci [813.54 BALD]

Another author known for his thrillers. This one starts with an airplane crash. I do not recommend this book as a book to take on a plane trip!



Janet Evanovich series  [ 813.542 Evan]
I recommend any of her books if you need a laugh out loud light hearted mystery. Each of her titles has a number in it. She started with One for the Money and has continued into the 20’s. We have a number of her books . ( pun intended!)

Sue Grafton series [ 813.54 GRA]
Sue uses the alphabet and we have her titles from T is for Trespass up until her most recent X.

Again, so many books, so little time!