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Are You Brave Enough to Come to the Library?

Are you brave enough to enter the library this time of year?
No, please do NOT be afraid of the librarians, who really are here to help you!
No, do NOT be afraid of the tombstones. What do you mean there are tombstones in the library!? Yes, there are and they are not marking the graves of former students who did not return materials! The tombstones have epitaphs (that is an inscription on a tombstone) as part of a contest. Each tombstone has a hint on it as to how you can research where the epitaph can be found within the library’s books and online resources. Why don’t you try completing the questions and if they are correct you will be in the drawing for a $25 Visa gift card!! Your entry should be received by 10 am on Saturday, October 24th. Answers and the winning entry will be revealed during FALL HARVEST Saturday, October 24, 2015 10am-2pm.
Here’s a link to the contest.
Hard copies of the contest are also available at the circulation desk at the library.

So you are not afraid of some foamboard tombstones with epitaphs on them for a contest, so how can the library scare you?
We have scary books. We have some books that I wouldn’t want to be reading on a dark and stormy night.




We also have scary movies. As scary as it would be to be reading some of those books during a windy night when the branches are scraping the side of the house, I would absolutely not want to watching one of these DVDs.


I would love to show you more items the library has that will scare you but I am getting freaked out.
We have a display of scary materials on the display shelf until the end of the month. Our display shelf is on your right with the New Arrivals when you enter the library.
Please come to the library, if you are brave enough and I am sure you are!