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Meet the Newest Central Penn Librarian!

Photo of me

Hello!  I’m Emily Reed, your new Instruction & Reference Librarian. (Some of you may already know me as the Librarian from Freshman Seminar.) I just started in April, and I am so excited to be here at Central Penn to help you with your information needs. A little bit about me . . .

I grew up locally in Mechanicsburg and graduated from Mechanicsburg High School. I then headed west to Indiana and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Taylor University. After graduating, I decided to return home to friends and family.

I took a part-time library job at Simpson Library, located in Mechanicsburg, to hold me over until I could find a job as a music teacher, but discovered that I loved absolutely everything about working in a library! As a result, I landed a job working full-time at a Mechanicsburg elementary school as a library aide. I learned so much while I worked at the elementary school. I found out that I loved working in a school library setting, helping students and teachers locate resources, forming working relationships with students and teachers, and providing a safe environment for the students to come and learn.

While I was working full-time at the elementary school, I was also maintaining my part-time job at Simpson. I loved working in both environments so much that it only made sense for me to become a full-fledged librarian. You may not realize this, but all librarians must have a Master’s degree to become a librarian. So, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from the University of Pittsburgh. For a while, I worked both jobs and took one class per term from Pitt (via long-distance learning). I was very busy!

After about a year, I decided to become a full-time graduate student. This would allow me to graduate in less than a year instead of having to wait three more years. With a heavy heart, I left my job at the elementary school library, but continued to work at Simpson.

After an exhausting two terms of four grad classes each, I graduated with my MLIS in August of 2014. Not only was my educational and work life changing very quickly, but so was my personal life! In February of 2013, my husband and I began dating, and in October of 2014, we were married. We reside in Camp Hill and hope to own a dog in the near-ish future.

Looking back over the last several years, my life has changed so much so quickly. I can see how all of my educational, work, and personal experiences have led me to this point today. I am truly very excited to be working at Central Penn!

A message to faculty, staff, and students

Please don’t hesitate to hesitate to contact me about your information or learning needs. This can include questions about research, locating resources (either online or at the Library), APA, understanding assignments, scheduling a research workshop for a class, and pretty much everything else. My job is to help you! You can reach me by:

Fun factoids about me

  • I love dogs
  • I’m allergic to cats
  • I play the flute and piano
  • I was born on my grandmother’s 55th birthday
  • Favorite book series: The Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien)
  • Favorite standalone book: Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)
  • Current TV shows I watch: The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Castle, Survivor
  • Favorite food: anything Italian! But if I have to choose one . . . eggplant parmesan (strange, I know)
  • Birth order: oldest of three girls
  • Childhood dream: to be an astronaut
  • Past traveling destinations: Ireland, California, Jamaica
  • Place I want to visit: New Zealand
  • Pet peeve: the feel of cotton grating under my fingernails
  • Proudest achievement: discovering and fulfilling my dream job as a librarian

Have a question for me? I’d be happy to answer it! Please post questions using the “Leave a reply” button at the top of the blog entry.

You CAN/You WILL . . . be able to do it with the Library’s Help!

Well, you have successfully made it into Central Penn College! Make the best of your college experience! Even if you are a seasoned upperclassman, you can always improve.
Here are some books that the library has that will potentially help you improve your college experience.
College Success Guaranteed [378.198 Gau]

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor [ 378.198 Bre ]

Your College Experience [378.198 Gar]


On Course: strategies for creating success in college and in life [378.198 DOW]0618379770.01.00TLZZZZ

Wow! From the above On Course title, we learn that there is life after college even though for some it may seem as if it will be eons from now!

Now here are some more books that the library has that will help you maximize your college and life experience.

Alvin’s laws of life: 5 steps to successfully overcome anything. [158.12 Law]cover_200
Anything??!! That is quite a promise.

Why Pride matters more than Money [658.3142]index

OK, you may not believe it when your wallet is empty but it is true.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn: Life’s greatest lessons are gained from our losses. [158 Max]

Doesn’t everyone agree that you learn from experience? This book is encouraging in that you learn from both positive and negative experiences.
And for our final featured title, we have a book written by Charles “T” Jones , the benefactor of the Central Penn Library.

Being Tremendous [920.422 Tre]

The library has a whole variety of items to help you improve your college experience.
We have items to help you in your studies; we have items to help you relax with reading or playing games or viewing DVDs; and we have books to encourage you to make the most of your Central Penn experience. You Can and we at the library Will Help you do it!