The Robin Williams We Did Not Know

We know him for his talent. We know him as someone who made us smile and laugh.  We didn’t know him for his depression. The world has lost an artist. We can’t help but wonder if our loss couldn’t have been prevented.
As I was doing a little researching about depression, I decided to concentrate on depression and college students. According to a booklet entitled Depression and College Students published by the National Institute of Mental Health “ about 30 % of college students reported feeling’ so depressed that it was difficult to function ’at some time in the past year. “ The article went on to present the signs of depression but I have had it described to me as feeling as if you have a 50 pound monkey on your back.
Central Penn College wants to help. They do not want students to be experiencing the feeling that there is no hope. Right now the counseling center is in transition but you are encouraged to email if you have concerns about a student or yourself. Also the CPC Student Handbook has a list of area support services on page 126.
The library has gathered the films that we own that Robin Williams has performed in and have them on display near our DVD collection. Please borrow them and enjoy seeing the talent of Robin Williams. Hopefully If anything is gained by the loss of Robin Williams, we will have more awareness of depression and knowing there is hope for getting the monkey off our backs.

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