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Why the “T” in Charles “T” Jones Library?

You may have noticed that the name of Central Penn College’s library is the Charles “T” Jones Library. OK, hopefully you have at least noticed that we have a library! The library is named after a benefactor, who also was an inspirational speaker, Charles Jones. charlie2_0Mr. Jones adopted the “T” for Tremendous to embrace his message that Life is Tremendous! He is the author of a book with that title.  Yes, the Charles “T” Jones Library just happens to have the book, along with some of other books he wrote.

In his motivational lectures, he would stress that to be successful; one had to read, think and share.  The library staff just happens to agree!  We all know the value of reading.  We have been known to think, on occasion!  I think most of all, we all want to SHARE with you the TREMENDOUS resources we have in the Charles “T” Jones Library.  Please come to the library to learn about  the resources we have. We want you to have a  TREMENDOUS summer term!