Monthly Archives: May 2014

Spring Fever

As I write this it is a beautiful day and I am really appreciating  the sun and warm temperatures after having two ugly rainy days.  I have spring fever and want to get outdoors and enjoy.

Perhaps you want to get outdoors too and need some suggestions.  The nearest place to take a walk, toss a Frisbee, play some tennis, or kick a soccer ball is nearly Adam-Ricci Park which is across from the Enola Post Office.  Another nearby place is City Island, the home to Harrisburg’s professional baseball and soccer teams.  You don’t need to take in a game to enjoy the Island.  You can play miniature golf or feed your face with food from a wide variety of food stands.  You can enjoy the views and cool breezes for free.

If you head north on Routes 11 and 15, you will come to Duncannon and you can hike part of the Appalachian Trail up to Hawk Rock. The views from Hawk Rock are worth the hike. Here is more information.


You may see a scene like this as you head up to Hawk Rock.

You will need a car to visit the historic town of Gettysburg which is about an hour south of here off of Route 15.  People from all over the world visit  Gettysburg and it is so nearby to us.  The library has a number of books about Gettysburg including a Field Guide to Gettysburg by Carol Reardon.

We have books about the Appalachian Trail, Gettysburg and hiking  on display on your right as you come into the library. Please come and get some ideas and then head outdoors ( after you have finished studying!)