Monthly Archives: April 2014


After one of the longest, coldest, and snowiest winters in recent memory, nature has finally started to catch up to the calendar.  We’ve now had several days where the thermometer made it at least to 60 degrees F!  Of course, we still had some snow after the official start of Spring on March 20th–a fitting end for the unusual 2013-14 winter season.

Here at the Library we’re ready to help you get into the spirit of Spring.  When I think of Spring, the one word that always comes to mind is Rejuvenation.  Spring is the time when Mother Nature begins to renew the earth–outdoor flowers, trees, and other plants start to grow again.  Warmer temperatures also encourage us humans to be outside more–perhaps inspiring us to re-visit our New Year’s resolutions to exercise more/again/for the first time?  That restless feeling of Spring Fever need not be confined to our bodies–improving your mind and/or spirit would also be a worthy endeavor.

Interested in Growing things?
*Rx from the garden: 101 food cures you can easily grow / Kathleen Barnes
*Superfoods from the garden : grow it, cook it, and achieve the best health ever / Michael van Straten
*A child’s garden : enchanting outdoor spaces for children and parents / Molly Dannenmaier

Interested in Exercise and Fitness?
*U.S. Army fitness training handbook / Department of the Army
*The woman’s book of yoga and health : a lifelong guide to wellness / Linda Sparrowe; with yoga sequences by Patricia Walden
*The biggest loser fitness program : fast, safe, and effective workouts to target and tone your trouble spots / the Biggest Loser experts and cast, with Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
*Nutrition for life : the no-fad, no-nonsense approach to eating well and reaching your healthy weight / Lisa Hark, Ph.D, RD and Darwin Deen, MD

Interested in better Mental and Spiritual health?
*Managing your mind : the mental fitness guide / Gillian Butler and Tony Hope
*Unlimit your life : setting & getting goals / James Fadiman, Ph.D
*Great failures of the extremely successful : mistakes, adversity, failure, and other steppingstones to success / Steve Young

And remember, if you’re interested in a particular topic (these or any others) and you’re having trouble finding resources, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian–that’s why we’re here.