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Special Days in March

In starting to think about what to write in a March blog, I drew a blank.  Decided to ask the internet for help as to what special days there are in March.  I learned that March 9th is Panic Day. In looking at the school calendar, I thought the date may have been selected especially for Central Penn Students with the upcoming finals in mind.  It is probably too late for you to have chance to read some of the “College Survival “ books we have in the library but the books are available for when you are not so panicked.

In your panicked state, you may be more geared toward celebrating Popcorn Lover’s Day on March 13th.

IF you are really, really panicked, you may just look forward to March 20th which is Extraterrestrials Abductions Day.  Is the prospect of heading for another planet better than facing the end of the term? We hope not! We also hope that you have a real nice break, assuming you have not panicked, or eaten too much popcorn or been abducted! 



 Charles T. Jones Library Books related to this blog

Panicked ? check out

The everything college survival  book : all you need to get the most out of  college life  by / Susan Fitzgerald and J. Lee Peters.

The adult student’s guide to survival & success /by Al Siebert

Far-fetched but here is a book in our collection about popcorn!

Why popcorn costs so much at the movies : and other pricing puzzles by  Richard B. McKenzie

And for a collection of science fiction

 The science fiction century / edited by David G. Hartwell.

Three science fiction novellas [electronic resource] : from prehistory to the end of mankind / J.-H. Rosny