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Which President Killed a Man?

Hint #1

No, it was not during a war that he killed a man.  This future president shot and killed another man during a duel.

Hint #2

Andrew jackson head
Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl (1785/88-1838) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Hint #3

The question is connected to the library since this is the library blog.

ANSWER… sort of…

Which President Killed a Man?: Tantalizing Trivia and Fun Facts about our Chief Executives and First Ladies is the title of one of the books in our library. Memorize the book and you may be able to win on Jeopardy!  While you are boning up for Jeopardy, you may want to check out the many, many scholarly books we have about the presidents . Here’s a link to the Central Penn Library catalog.

To find the items we have about the United States presidents , use the keyword search option and type in US presidents. Happy Hunting ! ( whoops, I mean finding library materials, I DO NOT mean using a gun in a duel!)

What’s happening at the library?

We got BIG! Business Insights: Global that is. BIG brings a more international flavor to our business resource offerings by including country information and data to company and industry facts and figures. The capabilities and tools in BIG help users pull together data, articles, case studies, and much more information to deepen a user’s knowledge quickly and easily.


Accessing BIG or any of our online resources has been made much easier with the implementation of a new authentication method. This was a process we hope you didn’t even notice was happening, but if you do have any issues accessing any online resource please let us know.

Need more help? We are continuing with the Saturday hours we started during last term. The library will be open from 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays. The librarians will be available to help you in-person, through our chat service on our online resources page, or by text 260-227-5733 (260-2ASKREF).

What other new stuff is at the library? The library routinely adds to the collection and if you would like to know the latest offerings we have, check out the New @ the Library subject guide. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see at the Library? Email it to