Monthly Archives: December 2013

Is Santa coming to the Library??

by Sallie Cross

I was working in the library when I heard a commotion coming from the area near the fireplace.  I investigated and found three elves covered in soot checking out the area.  One was looking at the DVD collection, another was looking at the various magazines and newspapers on the shelves and the third elf was jumping up and down on one of comfy chairs.  I gave the third elf the hairy eyeball and he did stop jumping and explained to me that they were the advance scouts for Santa’s possible visit.  I thought that I should take advantage of getting my Christmas wish straight to Santa.  I pointed out to the elves that we have a really neat library but we could use additional study areas and even a classroom.  ( I was going to ask for world peace but the elves by this time were squabbling among themselves.)  I did ask the elves for a wonderful break for all the students, staff and faculty.

Meanwhile, I am going track Santa by following him on this Norad site.  You can follow him too and get very excited as he nears Central Penn.

What would you have asked the elves for?

While you’re thinking about that, here are some other fun ways to keep the magic alive for the kids (or adults!) in your life:

Ask Santa a question:

Check the Google Santa tracker:

Send Santa a letter (and other fun things to do!):

And be sure to check out some Christmasy movies and books, a selection of which is on display just inside the doors of the library.