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Need a reason to stay this weekend?

One word: Library.Campus Shots 040

You asked for Saturday hours, and we’re delivering. But if you don’t show up, we won’t have a reason to show up next term.


Come fill these cCampus Shots 029omfy chairs. They’ll be waiting for you between 1pm and 5pm on the following Saturdays:
November 16th
November 23rd
December 7th
December 14th


Do you REALLY have something better to do this weekend?
I didn’t think so. Now, get thee to the library…


Our Library Books are Yummy!

Yes, the library at Central Penn has some yummy books.  Before you all charge over to the library to borrow a book and expect it to be as good as a juicy steak,  I have to confess that I am referring to some of our books having yummy recipes featured in them. The library has a nice, tasteful ( I couldn’t resist using that word) collection of cookbooks.  Perhaps you want to prepare a side dish for an upcoming family gathering, yes, we have books to inspire you and guide you.  Perhaps you and your wallet need to cut back on the fast food you consume, yes, we have books that feature quick and easy dishes geared for college cooks and wannabe college cooks. We have some of our collection of cookbooks on display on the right as you enter the library. We are always willing to try any of your successful dishes.

Now if you are really  interested in sinking your teeth into a book , you will  want to check out photos from various Edible Book Festivals.  The event, in which “edible books” are created and displayed,  is held in various parts of the world around April 1.

Watch out for that apple!  Snow White wishes she knew that.

Oh, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is so sweet! Pun intended!