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National Poetry Month


month to celebrate

P oetry.

R ead,

I magine and

L isten to the ways to enjoy poetry!


April is National Poetry Month.  This tradition began in 1996 when the Academy of American Poetry declared this month a time to celebrate and ban together to enjoy readings, festivals, book clubs and much more.


There are many different forms of poetry.


Poetry is great

When you make it short and sweet

Just like this poem.

This type of poetry consists of 3 lines.  The first with 5 syllables, then 7 syllables and then 5 again.  Try to write you own using this HELPFUL website.


The first poem is called an Acrostic where one main idea is written and the first letter of every line is something that supports the main idea.


Check out THIS LINK from the American Academy of Poetry for 30 ways (one for every day of the month!) to enjoy poetry!

Here are a few famous poets you may have heard of:

Edgar Allen Poe

Maya Angelou

Emily Dickinson

Can you name anymore?  Write them in the comments below!


Check out the shelf by the new arrivals for great poetry reads, not just for April, but for the rest of the year!