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Library Book Tree Puts Old Books to New Use!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the library!

The library’s traditional tree sits in front of the fireplace at the back of the library.

Every year, the library puts up a tree in front of the fireplace. This year you can still sit by the fireplace and enjoy the glow of twinkling holiday lights and the cheerfulness of a tree.[/p]

But this year, we’ve decked the halls just a little more than usual! When our law library received updated editions of the Purdon’s Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated series of books this year, we weren’t sure what we would do with the old editions.

Pinterest to the Rescue!

Around this time of year, you can find so many great decorating ideas on Pinterest. When we saw a book tree posted there, it just made sense for us to build our own library book tree!


The library’s Purdon’s book tree can be seen next to the conference table in the library.

We used the old edition books to build our own book tree. You can see our Purdon’s tree in the library near the conference table. After the holidays, the tree will be disassembled and the books will be used by a Central Penn graduate, who plans to get lots of use out of them!