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We have resources to help you “survive” college!

You probably think of the library as being a place to find books and online resources to help you complete assignments. True…but we don’t just  have those kinds of resources! We also have resources to help you manage your life in “the real world.”

Take a look at our “General Resources for Students” guide to library resources to find books on adjusting to college life, peer education, paying for college, getting ready for the work force, and even some general interest resources.

Whether you’re a traditional student, completely online, or continuing your education, we have something for you!

Top Tips for Using Ebrary

Trying to print pages, move to the next page, or move to the next chapter quickly in ebrary, and just not having any luck? Here are some of our favorite ebrary tips to help you navigate more smoothly…

1. Double click a book page to move to the next page

2. When printing a range of pages, refer to the page numbers above the table of contents window rather than the page numbers printed on the pages

Use page numbers above table of contents for printing.

3. In the table of contents, click an arrow to expand a section

click the arrow in the table of contents to expand a section

4. (This one is my favorite!) Search for and connect to ebrary books in the library catalog. Just look for the e-book icon, and then click the “connect to” link in the catalog record.

Search for and connect to ebrary books in the catalog

5. Hmmm…maybe this is my favorite. Ask a librarian to help you get the most out of ebrary!