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Top 5 Places To Read

May is Get Caught Reading month!  This is a program sponsored by the American Association of Publishers (AAP) to encourage people of all ages to read, where ever and whenever!

It’s not always about finding the time to read, but it’s sometimes about finding the right place.  I always struggle with finding a comfortable place, the perfect light or a place where I won’t fall asleep after 5 minutes of reading.  Regardless of what you read; magazines, nonfiction, fantasy or humor, here is a list of 5 places and some books (found at the Central Penn Library) where you can Get Caught Reading!

5) On the Bus

Bus rides can be long and awkward worrying about who may sit next to you and if they’re going to strike up a 30 minute conversation when all you’d like to do is sit.  Reading on the bus can encourage others to give you some space while passing the time!  Don’t get too caught up in your book though or you’ll miss your stop!


Stride Toward Freedom; The Montgomery Story   By Martin Luther King Jr.



Bus Stop and the Influence of the 70s on Fashion Today; A Scrapbook   By Lee Bender



4) On the Couch

“TURN OFF THAT TV!”  I heard that a million times growing up so why not take the advice?  The couch is the best place to stretch out or curl up.  Find a couch with a window for some natural light or turn on the lamp that’s right at your finger tips.  Add a healthy snack and it’s just like watching TV, only the pictures are inside the book!


Shakespeare on the Couch    By Michael Jacobs



Career Opportunities in Television and Cable   By T. Allan Taylor


3) In Bed

Yes, my first concern too was about falling asleep.  But there is nothing wrong with reading before bed.  According to WebMD, reading something calm before bed helps to relax your brain and ready you for sleep.  Use a 15 watt light bulb or less and dim the lights just enough for optimal reading.  Reading aloud to someone or listening helps to slow down the brain too so…snuggle up!


The Painted Bed  By Donald Hall



The Monster Under the Bed: How business is Mastering the Opportunity of Knowledge and Profit   By Stanley M. Davis



2) Outside

Nice days are on the horizon…literally, so take advantage and head outside with a book!  Park benches, picnic blankets and the shade of a tree can be found all over Central Penn’s campus.  The spring offers the best temperature to sit in the sun or under a tree.  Traveling to the beach this summer?  Get a tan while you Get Caught Reading!



The Beach House  By Jane Green



Wilderness in National Parks:  Playground or Preserve  By John C. Miles


1) The Library!

And where would you find all of these great things to read?  At the Central Penn Library of course!  Snatch a good read from the nonfiction, leadership or periodical shelves or check out the new arrivals.  You’ll find cozy chairs and secluded tables to finish up those last few chapters.  Don’t forget on those hot summer days that the library is air conditioned!  Stay cool and Get Caught Reading!

Couldn’t Keep it to Myself: Testimonies from our Imprisoned Sisters  By Wally Lamb and the Women of the York Correctional Institution


The Social Customer: How Brands Can use Social CRM to Acquire, Monetize and Retain Fans, Friends and Followers  By Adam Metz