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National Poetry Month: WWLD?

What Would a Librarian Do this month?
Take out a pen and paper.poetry
I’ve got some poems for you to read
With explanations so you can go deeper!

Did you know that it’s
National Poetry Month?
This is a haiku.
(The syllables of this three-line haiku poem should add up to 5, 7, and 5 accordingly.)

Poetry month is
Often overlooked, but
Everyone can take some
Time to try writing their own poems
Right now!
Yes, you too can write a name poem like this one.
(The first letter of every line in a name poem makes a word that the poem talks about.)

A poem doesn’t even have to follow a standard.
For instance, this poem is written in free verse.
(A free verse poem is written without a fixed pattern that can either rhyme or not.)

Of course, you can get creative.
If you enjoy song lyrics,
A rhyme poem could be most effective
When taking a break from academics.
(A rhyme poem can either have rhyming words at the end of two consecutive lines or every other line.)

You are the poet.
So, you’re in control.
Take a moment to release.
Open up your soul.

Write a poem for Facebook,
Or Twitter or this blog.
Send a love note to a someone
Or talk about your dog.

Get creative and add music;
Drop down a sick beat.
Share your art with the world
Where words and emotions meet.

From my library to your dorm,
I ask you to try.
Take a break from your homework;
Let your poetry spirit fly!

CC Flickr image, “Poetry, Mosaic Ceiling (Washington, DC),” courtesy of takomabibelot (c) 2010