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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions: WWLD?

Now that you’re back from break, don’t forget about the resolutions you made at the New Year! What would librarians do to stay on top? Use the library, of course! Here’s a list of some common resolutions and how the library can help you succeed at them this year!

1. Eat Healthy Food

The goal to lose weight can be achieved by working on a healthy diet and committing to exercise, which are the top two resolutions on this list. Here are some books to give you a head-start on eating healthy:

The Dorm Room DietThe Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz





The VeganistVeganist by Kathy Freston




2. Fit in Fitness

Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method  30-Day Method by Tracy Anderson





Bob Greene's Total Body MakeoverTotal Body Makeover by Bob Greene





3. Quit Smoking

You can do it! This year is the year that you quit and your friends and family can be relieved of the worries and the risks. Here’s a DVD suggestion for motivation:

Lighting UpLighting Up: Grusome Facts about Cigarette Smoking  [DVD]




4. Work on Personal Finance

Here are some resources that can help you sort out all your money situations:

Money Girl's Smart Moves to Grow RichMoney Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich by Laura D. Adams





The 250 Personal Finance Questions for Your 20s & 30sThe 250 Personal Finance Questions for Your 20s & 30s by Debby Fowles





You can look at more resources on financial literacy and other college topics such as success and financial aid on the General Resources for Students library page.

5. Get Organized

Organizing Plain & Simple  Organizing Plain & Simple  by Donna Smallin





Organizing Hints & TipsOrganizing Hints & Tips by Cassandra Kent





6. Prepare for the Launch of your Career

Jobs that Matter  Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service  by Heather Krasna






Do What You AreDo What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron



7. Learn Something New

Want to try out yoga? Need a new game to play with friends? There are a variety of things you can try out in 2012, here are some suggestions from the library.

Yoga for Every Room in Your House  Yoga for Every Room in Your House by Jinjer Stanton





Apples to ApplesApples to Apples [Game]




Complete Digital Photography  Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long





8. Help Others

700 Places to Volunteer700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die by Nola Lee Kelsey





25 Ways to Win with People  25 Ways to Win with People: How to Make Others Feel Like a Million Bucks by John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott





9. Do Better Research

The library has created a few tutorials to help you do better research using ebrary, Hoover’s, and Google Scholar. Check them out on our Online Tutorials library page.

10. Read More

The library is the easiest and CHEAPEST way to succeed in reading more! :)

REMEMBER: All the resources listed in this article can be found at Charles “T.” Jones Leadership Library. Contact the library if you have any questions at