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Hey, Faculty…The Library’s Got Your Back

Faculty, how are you ever going to make it through the holidays AND “faculty development week” AND be ready for the upcoming term? Sure, it’s going to be tough, but you’ll come through. You always do!

Still, maybe we can help lighten the load.

How can the library help, you ask?

You can always take advantage of one of the tools we already make available.

Subject Guides

For instance, there are subject guides available for students in all major areas of study. They are intended to “guide” your students through the research process in a particular subject area. Each guide offers the following:

  • Call number sections pertinent to the subject
  • A 30-second video on how to find course reserves in the online catalog
  • Ideas for keyword and subject searches for the library catalog
  • A list of our best reference books related to the subject
  • Information about proprietary databases and what they provide for the researcher
  • A list of librarian-vetted websites, including professional associations (we try to highlight student membership opportunities, especially if they are available for free or at a discount)
  • Field-relevant Twitter and RSS Feeds


We have written guides on using our online resources, like EBSCO and Opposing Viewpoints. These guides explain what is contained within each resource, how to search the resource most effectively, and how to manage results.

There’s more! We have video tutorials on Ebrary, on effective searching, and on using Google Scholar to find scholarly information.

MLA and Plagiarism

We even have a guide on MLA citation. The guide points students to the Purdue University OWL MLA Citation tutorial for further assistance.

For students who worry about plagiarism, we’ve created a “Citation Decision Tree” (see below) that helps them determine when to cite and when citing is unnecessary.

That’s great, but…

OK, so you’re not finding what you need among our existing resources. That’s OK. We’re librarians. We like a good challenge. Just tell us what you need!

How about an article or a chapter in an electronic book that you want to include in your course as supplemental reading? We can find these for you. Ebrary, our online electronic book database, will even allow you to include a hyperlink in your Blackboard course that takes students directly to the chapter in the book that you want them to read.

Or maybe you’re looking for a digital learning object, like an interactive tutorial that will help students grasp a new concept or practice what they’ve learned? If someone “out there” has created it, and it’s available on the Web, we’ll sniff it out for you.

Can we create a completely customized subject guide for your class? This could be especially useful for a big research assignment. Our Legal Seminar guide, which we developed to help students in LGS 285, is an example of the kind of guide we’d be happy to create for your class.

Not seeing what you need here? There’s a good chance we can help if you ask us! So stop banging your head against your desk in frustration as you try to get a million things done before January 9th! Just give us a call and see if we can help!