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Netflix’s Rising Prices: WWLD?


I read an article on Yahoo! News this morning about disgruntled users of Netflix who are upset about the company’s decision to raise its prices, again! (You can read the article yourself here.) As a loyal Netflix subscriber, I was not too concerned. $16 a month doesn’t seem to be too much if I watch at least 4 DVDs a month. However, if the price gets any higher, I may reconsider my loyalty. When it comes to such publicized issues such as this, it is important for people to ask the critical question: What Would Librarians Do? (WWLD?)

Have no fear! Marian the Librarian is here!

I have spent the past two weeks working closely with the DVD collection in the Charles “T” Jones Leadership Library, so let me explain to you about how you could seriously get the free hook-up at a library near you! My examples come from the collection right here at Central Penn College!


Last weekend, I visited the battlefields of Gettysburg for the first time with my family and currently have this strange fascination with the Civil War now. Lucky me, the library has the famous movie Gettysburg starring Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, and Martin Sheen right here for check-out at the library! Awesome!

Honestly, though, I’m not a full-time history buff. I also have a respect for classic literature and I find the film versions of these stories satisfying when I need a break from reading. Academic libraries always have these DVDs in stock, especially for students who are reading them in their literature courses. Classics such as The Scarlet Letter and Pride & Prejudice are two of my faves. I find Keira Knightly is so classy. I also must say that Much Ado About Nothing makes me smile, so does Denzel Washington but that’s a whole other story.

Finally, there are some nights where I just want/need a good laugh from a movie like Monty Python and the Holy Grail or a good cry from a blockbuster like Seven Pounds.

The library has you covered for free, so there’s no need to concern yourself with Netflix’s attack on your bank account.

Enjoy Viewing!
Marian the Librarian

P.S…Hey Central Penn College! Want to know what other DVDs we have? Check out the Library Catalog and search the call number for “DVD”. Or just come into the library; our display shelf is right next to the fireplace and we even having a viewing area where you can preview the film or watch something in between class and studying.