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Career Services Turns into Professional-dress Boutique

By Sherri Long

Media Club Reporter

Career Services has professional-style clothing available to students – for free!

Business jackets, skirts and dress shirts drape tables, chairs and filing cabinets this month in the Career Services office.

The clothing was donated to Central Penn College by Bethany United Methodist Church of Marysville, according to Career Services Director Steve Hassinger. The clothing is a variety of sizes for men and women, and is available for all students to look through during regular office hours, which are weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Donated clothes await students to take them home from Career Services.  Photo by Yuli Sutedjo

Donated clothes await students to take them home from Career Services. Photo by Yuli Sutedjo

“Any clothes left over after the term will be put in with the larger clothing giveaway we have in January at the Capital BlueCross Theatre,” said Hassinger.

Another option for students who need professional clothes is Dress for Success (https://www.dressforsuccess.org/) for women and Tied to Success (http://www.tiedtosuccess.org/)  for men, for which Career Services can help students register.

Be sure to stop by Career Services, in Bollinger Hall, this month to look through the professional clothing and to ask about Dress for Success or Tied to Success.

Watch for details about the Central Penn College clothing giveaway in January.

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Get Out and Vote (Online) and Help the Knightly News Media Club!

Help us Crown the Champion of the Bill Gladstone Project

By Paul Miller

Co-Adviser to the Knightly News

After months of preparation, planning, filming and editing, The Knightly News Media Club at Central Penn College presented their video projects commissioned by the Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR commercial real estate to the Central Penn College campus on Oct. 19.

The Knightly News was elated when over 30 faculty and staff members, and students, arrived to the presentation and got to meet Gladstone and his team, as well as the Knightly News Media Club members.
Club members discussed inspiration for their videos and described future goals that the club will help them achieve.

The Knightly News poses for a picture with members of the Bill Gladstone Group, the Central Penn College Education Foundation, and President Emeritus Todd Milano.

The Knightly News staff poses for a picture with members of the Bill Gladstone Group and the Central Penn College Education Foundation. From left, standing, are Matt Lane, Education Foundation director; Chuck Bender, Bill Gladstone Group marketing director; Leah Wentz, Bill Gladstone marketing coordinator; media club member Sherri Long; media club co-advisor Paul Miller; media club President Christine Hoon; Bill Gladstone; and media club member Keith
Gudz. Kneeling, from left, are media club members Norman Geary, Yuliani Sutedjo and Liznel Munoz, and Central Penn College President Emeritus Todd Milano.  Photo by Judith Dutill.


This project came about in a collaboration session with Gladstone and the Central Penn College Education Foundation.

For more information about the background of this event, you can view our story entitled “Media Club Commissioned to Produce Promotional Videos” or listen to Gladstone’s recent visit to the Knightly News Podcast.

This is where our readers can get involved with this project.

Over the next week, from Oct. 20 – Oct. 26, you can be a part of the vote!  The top two teams will receive scholarship money and will be given their awards at a meeting on Nov. 2 at the Central Penn College Summerdale campus.

To vote, watch the three videos below and go to http://www.pollev.com/paulmiller046 and vote for your favorite video.  The Knightly News thanks you for your support!

Video #1 – Yuliani Sutedjo, Liznel Munoz, Christine Hoon

Video #2 – Norman Geary and Keith Gudz

Video #3 – Lawrence Wilson and Nasir Harris

Sherri Long assisted all of the groups with their editing and was an integral member of each team.

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The Capital Blue Cross Theatre Surprise

‘First Date’ is Central Penn’s First Musical

By Yuliani Sutedjo

Media Club Reporter

The resident troupe and crew of the Capital BlueCross Theatre are working hard to present you with “First Date.”

And it is a first for Central Penn: “First Date” is a musical, the first to be produced in the theatre in the Underground.

The story is from a book by Austin Winsberg, with music and lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner. “First Date” has played on Broadway.

The comedy will include a cast of mostly members of the off-campus community. Central Penn students and staff are also involved in the production.

Dustin LeBlanc, Executive Creative Director at the Carlisle Theatre Company, directs the play, and Central Penn’s Theatre Director Janet Bixler is the producer.

LeBlanc has much experience with musical theater. He has been in the theater world since he was 4 years old. Along the way, he was in charge of the former Pennsylvania Youth Music and Theatrics Theater for five years. LeBlanc also worked at the Carlisle Theater Co. for eight years, and has been directing plays since he was about 14.

Bixler has been involved in theater since she was 10 years old. She has a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in educational theater. Since 1992, she has taught and created theater, and has operated a business as a theater consultant and drama specialist.

For the musical, the stage of the Capital BlueCross Theatre is transformed into a bar. In the show, you will meet Aaron and Casey, and some of their siblings and friends.

Aaron is a baker. He is timid, awkward and doesn’t know how to handle dating. Casey, who is the opposite of Aaron, has more experience dating and has had many blind dates – which is what unfolds in “First Date.”

“First Date” will run July 28-30 at 7:30 p.m., Aug. 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m., and Aug. 7 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students, $7 for Central Penn faculty and staff, and $12 general admission. The show will run for 90 minutes, with no intermission.

For more information on the production, see http://firstdatethemusical.com/about.

Background Music:  (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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Dreams and Nightmares and Other Events are Coming to Central Penn College in June

By Paul Miller

Media Club Co-Adviser

The Knightly News Media Club at Central Penn College has been busy at work in recent weeks, capped off by our final podcast of the spring term.

In the podcast we welcome two guests, Student Activities Director Adrienne Thoman and Theater Director Janet Bixler, to discuss upcoming events at Central Penn, including the upcoming Dreams and Nightmares student original production.

In addition to discussion of the production, Thoman discusses Petapalooza, an upcoming field trip to the Turkey Hill Experience, and a staple of Week 11, Cram Jam.

In Bixler’s segment, she describes the creative process involved in creating an original work.

“The student’s real life experiences and their imagination helped create the material for what will be the content for the play.”  Bixler said.  “No one has created this before and no one will recreate it because it is very specific to (the students involved).”

Dreams and Nightmares will take place in the Capital Blue Cross Theater June 9 – 11 at 7:30 p.m. and on June 12 at 2:30 p.m.  Tickets are on sale now at the box office, via Eventbrite, or at the door.

The podcast is hosted by professor and Media Club co-adviser Paul Miller and is joined by student reporter Yuliani Sutedjo.

Background Music:  (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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Victories Are More than Scores

Some highlights of a tough Lady Knights basketball season

By Yuliani Sutedjo

Media Club Reporter

The winter is over, and with it, the Lady Knights’ basketball season.

And like the winter, the Lady Knights’ season was a tough one.

They ended the 2015-2016 season with two wins and 23 loses. But despite that, the Lady Knights are proud of what they achieved.

Highlights of some games follow.

Players, cameras, action!

Jenasia Figueroa made a beautiful lay up Jan. 16. She dribbled the ball past the free-throw line, and suddenly, an opponent from State University of New York (SUNY) Delhi was on guard and ready, face-to-face with Figueroa.

Figueroa grabbed the ball, took a step and spun her body to the left, bringing her right foot to the floor. She swept her hand up and sent the ball away. What a beautiful layup! It boosted everyone, and brought cheers from the players and spectators as the team rallied to catch up at the last minute.

In the last three seconds, Central Penn College and SUNY Delhi were even, at 83 points. Then, a player charged with the ball toward the basket and shot, but wasn’t able to make the points.

Got it!

But as the ball fell, Melissa Ruiz snatched the rebound and with one second left, she shot the ball to the basket — and scored. Central Penn racked up the win (85-83) against SUNY Delhi with Figueroa’s lay up, Ruiz’s basket and team effort. (The other victory was against Penn State York, 58-57, on Nov. 1.)

Another highlight  occurred during the last game of the season, Feb. 17, against University of Valley Forge (UVF won, 84-50). Lady Knight Chaneil Croxton, who played her last day for Central Penn during that match, took a pass from Nicole Scmidhamer. Croxton caught it, got into position and made a spectacular three-pointer.

Everyone jumped and shouted, “Yeah, Nelly!” (Croxton’s nickname is Nelly.)

Croxton was happy to have achieved her goal as a basketball player for Central Penn – playing in that game. After the game, Croxton thanked everyone who was patient and worked with her. Her message for players coming up: Keep growing and become better athletes.

Croxton wasn’t the only senior saying goodbye. Janay Nelson, Myesha McGhee and Nicole Schmidhamer bid farewell to their team. Nelson, McGhee and Schmidhamer left this message: Keep practicing and enjoy every minute you play.

Fond farewell

When the sweat had dried and the sneakers had stopped screeching, Coach Kasey Hicks said the seniors will be missed, and welcomed Croxton, Nelson, McGhee and Schmidhamer to come to practices.

Stories of victories aren’t always told in scores. The highlights above are part of the victorious story of Lady Knights Basketball.

Continued kudos!

Echoes of victory sounded off the court after the season.

On March 1, three Lady Knights received an award from the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). Angie Kovac, Mary Weingartner and Schmidhamer were designated Academic All American players.

Schmidhamer also was Honorable Mention for the All American team of USCAA’s Division II women’s basketball.

These awards mean the ladies dedicated their time not only to their sport but also to their education.

Kovac, Weingartner and Schmidhamer said they were very honored to be recognized. They said time management is critical to success in college sports, and that they do their best, as others should, to balance sports and classes.

Keeping at the drills

With that in mind, Lady Knights Basketball will keep fighting and seeking a way to grow during the off season.

To keep the team and its members growing in their skills and dedication, Hicks said that after a break, they will pursue a lighter-than-usual workout schedule through the year to prepare for the coming season.

The reason for the smaller number of workouts is to sharpen each individual’s strengths, Hicks said.

“We have a lot of hard workers, a lot of competitors, and that is exactly what we will be building this off season,” Hicks said.

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The Knightly News Podcast Welcomes Student Activities Director

Getting involved in activities at Central Penn College can increase likelihood of employment after graduation

By Professor Paul Miller, co-adviser to the Knightly News

In what is scheduled to be a reoccurring segment, Student Activities Director Adrienne Thoman stopped by the studio to chat with the Knightly News Podcast.

On this episode, Thoman is joined by Media Club members Keith Gudz and Yuliani Sutedjo and host Professor Paul Miller.

During the podcast, Thoman discussed the importance of getting involved on campus.

“You come to college because you are going to learn amazing things in the classroom,” Thoman said.  “I would like to propose that you can learn equally amazing things outside of the classroom too.”

In addition, the podcast debuted a new segment for Adrienne’s monthly visit, the “Featured Three” events of the month.

The Knightly News looks forward to future visits from Thoman, as she is scheduled to return to the podcast on May 26.

Background Music:  (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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New Resident Advisor Program Moves into Central Penn Suites

Students are playing a larger role in supporting one another

 By Yuliani Sutedjo

Media Club Reporter

Welcome back, Central Penn Students!

The holiday season has ended and the winter 2016 term has begun.

During the fall 2015 semester, 15 of Central Penn’s 33 townhouses were renovated to become suites. The suites are designed so each student can have her or his own bedroom – each 9 by 12 feet. Some of that room comes from cutting the size of the kitchen.

Now, students have seven bedrooms and four bathrooms in each suite.

Central Penn College's Super Suite's on College Hill Road in Summerdale.

Central Penn College’s Super Suites on College Hill Road in Summerdale, Pa.

With that change comes a new resident advisor (RA) program that features 16 students working as resident advisors and seven nonstudent “area coordinators” who supervise the student RAs, and provide coverage after hours, according to Megan Peterson, Central Penn’s director of residence life.

Central Penn College has done a fantastic job updating us on the construction to the Super Suites.  Check out the progression at the Central Penn College YouTube page, with four clips hosted by Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/user/centralpennknight

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