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Get Out and Vote (Online) and Help the Knightly News Media Club!

Help us Crown the Champion of the Bill Gladstone Project

By Paul Miller

Co-Adviser to the Knightly News

After months of preparation, planning, filming and editing, The Knightly News Media Club at Central Penn College presented their video projects commissioned by the Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR commercial real estate to the Central Penn College campus on Oct. 19.

The Knightly News was elated when over 30 faculty and staff members, and students, arrived to the presentation and got to meet Gladstone and his team, as well as the Knightly News Media Club members.
Club members discussed inspiration for their videos and described future goals that the club will help them achieve.

The Knightly News poses for a picture with members of the Bill Gladstone Group, the Central Penn College Education Foundation, and President Emeritus Todd Milano.

The Knightly News staff poses for a picture with members of the Bill Gladstone Group and the Central Penn College Education Foundation. From left, standing, are Matt Lane, Education Foundation director; Chuck Bender, Bill Gladstone Group marketing director; Leah Wentz, Bill Gladstone marketing coordinator; media club member Sherri Long; media club co-advisor Paul Miller; media club President Christine Hoon; Bill Gladstone; and media club member Keith
Gudz. Kneeling, from left, are media club members Norman Geary, Yuliani Sutedjo and Liznel Munoz, and Central Penn College President Emeritus Todd Milano.  Photo by Judith Dutill.


This project came about in a collaboration session with Gladstone and the Central Penn College Education Foundation.

For more information about the background of this event, you can view our story entitled “Media Club Commissioned to Produce Promotional Videos” or listen to Gladstone’s recent visit to the Knightly News Podcast.

This is where our readers can get involved with this project.

Over the next week, from Oct. 20 – Oct. 26, you can be a part of the vote!  The top two teams will receive scholarship money and will be given their awards at a meeting on Nov. 2 at the Central Penn College Summerdale campus.

To vote, watch the three videos below and go to http://www.pollev.com/paulmiller046 and vote for your favorite video.  The Knightly News thanks you for your support!

Video #1 – Yuliani Sutedjo, Liznel Munoz, Christine Hoon

Video #2 – Norman Geary and Keith Gudz

Video #3 – Lawrence Wilson and Nasir Harris

Sherri Long assisted all of the groups with their editing and was an integral member of each team.

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The Knightly News Talks Fall Harvest and Scholarship Opportunities

By Paul Miller

Media Club Co-Adviser

The newest Knightly News podcast features two new guests, as we welcome Alumni Engagement Director Sarah Blumenschein and Bill Gladstone of The Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR commercial real estate.

When speaking with Blumenschein, we are joined by Knightly News Vice President Norman Geary and discuss Central Penn College’s major seasonal event, Fall Harvest, and a special alumni event, Alumni Feast ‘n’ Brews.

Central Penn College's Homecoming is one of the college's largest events on the Summerdale campus.

Central Penn College’s Homecoming is one of the college’s largest events on the Summerdale campus.

The Alumni Feast ‘n’ Brews returns for its’ second year, boasting alumni owned or operated breweries from the region, family-friendly events and fine Oktoberfest fare.

Take advantage of the last few days to get tickets, and find out more information about the event by clicking here.

In the opening segment of the show, Knightly News Secretary Yuliani Sutedjo joins Gladstone to discuss a major club event.

Loyal readers will recall a July story in which the club was commissioned to produce promotional videos for the Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR (the story can be found here).

The time has come for the students to present their videos, as the club will welcome Gladstone and his employees to campus.

On the podcast, Gladstone speaks of the variety of reasons he supports Central Penn College and information about how the contest came to be.

The presentation will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 11 a.m. in Milano Hall, Room 17 and is open to all student, faculty and staff.

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