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VPAA Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams Joins the Knightly News for Episode #26

By Lawrence Wilson

Knightly News Correspondent

In one of the most high-profile guests in the history of the Knightly News podcast,  Central Penn College’s Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams joins the show to discuss her career journey and new initiatives at the school.

“Retention is just not an academic term” were wise words shared on the podcast by Fedrizzi-Williams, as she discussed broad issues of the higher education landscape from leadership, Central Penn College campus retention, our school’s intentional efforts in helping our on-ground and online students reach academic goals, and to today’s media.

Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams felt quite at home on the air, as she spent the better part of five years after college working in radio at WSPK, just outside of New York City, before moving on to higher education.

To learn more about Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams, you can view her LinkedIn profile.

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Get Out and Vote (Online) and Help the Knightly News Media Club!

Help us Crown the Champion of the Bill Gladstone Project

By Paul Miller

Co-Adviser to the Knightly News

After months of preparation, planning, filming and editing, The Knightly News Media Club at Central Penn College presented their video projects commissioned by the Bill Gladstone Group of NAI CIR commercial real estate to the Central Penn College campus on Oct. 19.

The Knightly News was elated when over 30 faculty and staff members, and students, arrived to the presentation and got to meet Gladstone and his team, as well as the Knightly News Media Club members.
Club members discussed inspiration for their videos and described future goals that the club will help them achieve.

The Knightly News poses for a picture with members of the Bill Gladstone Group, the Central Penn College Education Foundation, and President Emeritus Todd Milano.

The Knightly News staff poses for a picture with members of the Bill Gladstone Group and the Central Penn College Education Foundation. From left, standing, are Matt Lane, Education Foundation director; Chuck Bender, Bill Gladstone Group marketing director; Leah Wentz, Bill Gladstone marketing coordinator; media club member Sherri Long; media club co-advisor Paul Miller; media club President Christine Hoon; Bill Gladstone; and media club member Keith
Gudz. Kneeling, from left, are media club members Norman Geary, Yuliani Sutedjo and Liznel Munoz, and Central Penn College President Emeritus Todd Milano.  Photo by Judith Dutill.


This project came about in a collaboration session with Gladstone and the Central Penn College Education Foundation.

For more information about the background of this event, you can view our story entitled “Media Club Commissioned to Produce Promotional Videos” or listen to Gladstone’s recent visit to the Knightly News Podcast.

This is where our readers can get involved with this project.

Over the next week, from Oct. 20 – Oct. 26, you can be a part of the vote!  The top two teams will receive scholarship money and will be given their awards at a meeting on Nov. 2 at the Central Penn College Summerdale campus.

To vote, watch the three videos below and go to http://www.pollev.com/paulmiller046 and vote for your favorite video.  The Knightly News thanks you for your support!

Video #1 – Yuliani Sutedjo, Liznel Munoz, Christine Hoon

Video #2 – Norman Geary and Keith Gudz

Video #3 – Lawrence Wilson and Nasir Harris

Sherri Long assisted all of the groups with their editing and was an integral member of each team.

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Town Hall Meeting Provides Answers, Shows Some Changing Local Attitudes

By Lawrence Wilson

Media Club Reporter

The time: 6:40 on a July evening as warm as good intentions.

The place: The Capital BlueCross Theatre, on the campus of Central Penn College, in the village of Summerdale, East Pennsboro Township.

The personnel: Some Central Penn faculty and the school’s president are in the theater, along with residents of the neighborhood surrounding the campus.

The event: A town hall meeting at which local residents and Central Penn folks can discuss issues pertinent to both.

It has been more than 40 years since Central Penn moved into the area and, as is typical in college towns, from time to time, misperceptions, misunderstandings and the occasional real problem crop up between residents and students, whether the latter are on-campus residents or commuters.

Tonight, Central Penn’s ninth president, Karen M. Scolforo, is hosting this event — the first of its kind on the campus that anyone can remember.

By 6:51, about 40 nonstudent township residents have entered the drama zone and taken their seats.

By 7:02, roughly 60 are catching up with one another.

Before the curtain rises

It is late July in the Lower Susquehanna Valley, so the air is thick, but not tight. Still, no one knows what to expect, even though everyone knows for sure one thing on the minds of the non-Central Penn attendees: “Will our questions be answered?”

Soon, Scolforo opens the meeting with a thorough presentation of the school’s mission and value statements. She then extends an invitation for members of the East Pennsboro community to involve themselves with the school’s Facility Planning Committee, the purpose of which is to serve as a relationship-building connection between the school and the community surrounding it.

No official meeting of the committee and residents has occurred, but the committee members are ready as Scolforo and her administration prepare to move ahead with her plans to continue expanding Central Penn’s academic offerings, physical presence and partnerships.

Joining in

As part of introductions and relationship-building, a few staff and faculty members presented how their departments contribute to the school.

Chief Public Safety Director Ron Amoriello, Director of Residence Life Megan Peterson, and Central Penn Players Theatre Club Adviser and Theatre Director Janet Bixler were among them.

This being the first such significant gathering people could remember of Central Penn College personnel and residents of the off-campus community, most people expected a level of uneasiness and some pointed questions.

Expectations were met, but calmly, and respectfully.

 Voices heard, and listened to

One resident asked whether his son would feel safe when leaving home. His concern mirrored other residents’ concerns about safety on and around the campus. Statistics gathered by school officials and police show the campus is what most observers would describe as extraordinarily safe.

Some community attendees expressed perceptions that Central Penn students have brought a drug problem to the community.

The college has very few drug-related incidents compared to other colleges.

According to Central Penn’s state-required crime report, six drug-law arrests were made on campus in 2014, four in 2013 and two in 2012; none was made off campus. No drug-law arrests were made in 2011.

The report is accessible at http://www.centralpenn.edu/security. 2014 is the most recent year for which a report is available.

Lt. Mark Green, of the East Pennsboro Township Police Department, addressed residents’ safety concerns.

“The drug problem is a national problem and does not just stop at East Pennsboro,” Green said.

Will expansion squeeze anyone?

Another concern presented was Central Penn’s expansion plans.

One long-time township resident said he and others “get nervous” about the school’s expansion plans. There seemed to be some confusion as to what school officials want to do. Some residents questioned why the school wanted to take their property.

Scolforo reassured attendees that Central Penn has no intention of making any land grabs, such as by using eminent domain, or any other method. She then reissued her invitation to members of the East Pennsboro community to be involved with the Facility Planning Committee to help develop ideas and an outlook for the school’s future.

Another resident suggested thinking outside the box when looking at parking needs and parking lots. Spaces fill quickly now when classes are in session and events are being held in the college conference center, and any expansion, let alone a much-discussed fieldhouse, or other sports complex and establishment of a “Main Street College Town” environment, brings more cars and the need for more parking areas.

Attendees seemed to sense a change under Scolforo’s tenure – one of more community outreach.

Residents shared after the meeting a willingness to reconsider their attitudes toward the school that is part of their community.

One couple, residents here since 1973, provide housing to a male student from New Jersey. Ten years ago was the last time they can remember housing students, and then it was a female student who later married a neighbor.

After what some people described as a significant number of years of little to no communication between the East Pennsboro community and the Central Penn campus community, misunderstandings could be melting away from negative perceptions and morphing into harmonious participation.

Career Services Director Steve Hassinger invited a community member to be a mock interviewer for a freshman seminar class, and he accepted.

“These kids get a bad rap,” the resident said.

Another resident added: “I’m glad I came (to the meeting). I’m really, really glad I came.”

Edited by Michael Lear-Olimpi, Media Club co-adviser.

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Knightly News Podcast: President Scolforo Discusses Her Tenure

By Lawrence Wilson

Media Club Reporter

President Karen Scolforo, Ed. D., is featured in the most recent edition of the Knightly News Podcast, in which she discusses important moments in her tenure leading Central Penn and initiatives in the college’s future.

Scolforo, who received her doctorate of education from the University of North Florida, began her focus as Central Penn’s ninth president on career education with a holistic approach that includes arts, diversity and continued development of the “soft skills” students need to succeed in the workplace.

She has maintained this approach since assuming her duties in 2013. She believes in providing inspiring leadership for students, and wants those students to go forward, ready to demonstrate leadership in their lives.

Scolforo is a leadership model. Consider: She has helped to create a cultural diversity center on campus that allows students to feel secure no matter their ethnicity, nationality, gender identification, physical or other personal challenges, or faith.

In addition, she has overseen the renovation of student living quarters, creation of The Underground student recreation and study space that includes the Capital BlueCross Theatre, establishment of a health-sciences facility and the launch of several new degree programs.

Scolforo has been an ambassador to the community at large, too, sharing the good news of teamwork, championing education, and addressing the benefits and rewards of living a fruitful, diverse lifestyle.

Scolforo, Wilson, and Miller enjoy their discussion about important topics to the Central Penn College community. Photo by Judith Dutill

Scolforo, Wilson, and Miller enjoy their discussion about important topics to the Central Penn College community.
Photo by Judith Dutill

Her engagements with local chambers of commerce, membership on boards of directors, speaking at conferences at which people who work and live in the Harrisburg region are affected in many positive ways, and supporting organizations such as Dress for Success, and Leadership Harrisburg, have helped Scolforo create and maintain an innovative feeling in the campus and surrounding community.

Scolforo has a vision moving forward, and she is eager for Central Penn and East Pennsboro Township to share in the rewards of working together.

Leadership, vision, inclusive mind-set and advocating education — with these qualities and efforts, it is no wonder Scolforo has succeeded since taking the helm.

For more on President Scolforo, visit http://www.centralpenn.edu/ninth-president/biography


Background Music:  (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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Student Activities Director Outlines Events at Central Penn College for the Summer Term

Being involved directly influences college success

By Paul Miller, co-adviser to the Knightly News

The Knightly News Media Club at Central Penn College is proud to have Student Activites Director Adrienne Thoman on their most recent podcast.

Joined by student reporter Lawrence Wilson and hosted by Professor Miller, Thoman discussed several important events at the Central Penn. This included many of the upcoming Common Hour series, events that should be attended by our new, incoming freshman, and a recurring segment on the podcast, the “Featured Three” events of the month.

“Really, college is about hearing different viewpoints and perspectives,” Thoman explained.  “If you want to hear people who think the same as you do, you can stay at home and look in the mirror.”

Thoman went on to discuss the almost necessity of getting involved in campus life as a way to enhance your resume, to find new friends, and to bring important skills to your future career.

The podcast also outlined the “Featured Three” events for July.  These events  are:  The Flick and Float (featuring Jaws) on Saturday, July 9 at 7 p.m. at the pool, former “America’s Got Talent” star Kenneth Xclusive Paryo, Thursday, July 14 at 7 p.m. in the Capital Blue Cross Theatre, and the Central Penn Players first musical “First Date”, premiering on Thursday, July 28 for a two-week run.

As always, stay connected with the student activities on campus with their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/CentralPennActivities/ and find out more about Kenneth Xclusive Paryo: http://www.kennethparyo.com/

Background Music:  (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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SGA Hosting Common Hour Wednesday

By Lawrence Wilson

Media Club Reporter

If Central Penn College Student Government Association (SGA) President Sebastine Virella says something, he means it.

And Virella wants you to know something: SGA is Central Penn College’s communication link connecting the student body, faculty, staff and administration.

SGA will host this week’s Common Hour, on Wednesday, at noon in ATEC 206.

Student Government Association Sebastine Virella has many major initiatives to share with students at this Wednesday's SGA Common Hour.

Student Government Association Sebastine Virella has many major initiatives to share with students at this Wednesday’s SGA Common Hour.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Highlighting clubs to appreciate certain students and faculty members
  • Addressing questions on changes to Blackboard and the campuswide information-management system
  • SGA reorganization and marketing

SGA is planning some stellar activities on campus in upcoming terms, and your student government would like to share these initiatives with you – the students of Central Penn College.

Virella means what he says and he says “You’re important” to students.

Come on out and hear what SGA has in store for the students!

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