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Media Club donates journalism resources for Central Penn students

Knightly News gives Learning Center and Library Associated Press stylebooks

By Michael Lear-Olimpi

Knightly News Co-Adviser

The Knightly News Media Club @ Central Penn College, publisher of The Knightly News and its podcasts, earlier this month donated copies of the 2017 edition of The Associated Press Stylebook and Guide to Media Law to the two out-of-classroom anchor writing-support facilities at Central Penn.

Club members presented one copy of the book to each the Charles “T” Jones Leadership Library and to the Learning Center.

Media Club Vice President, reporter and videographer/photographer Sarayuth Pinthong presents Lilbrary Director Diane Porterfield with a copy of the AP stylebook. Photo by Michael Lear-Olimpi

Media Club Vice President, reporter and videographer/photographer Sarayuth Pinthong presents Library Director Diane Porterfield with a copy of the AP stylebook. Photo by Michael Lear-Olimpi

“The library has at least one copy of the manual, but we had a couple of extra copies of the stylebook, and I thought the library could use an additional stylebook as a resource for COM and students in other majors who may need it for projects,” club co-adviser Prof. Michael Lear-Olimpi said.

The Learning Center had no copy of the stylebook, and staff were unfamiliar with the book.

“I figured the Learning Center should have one,” Lear-Olimpi said. “COM majors are familiar with the book, which they use in at least 60 percent of their COM classes — those in which they primarily produce writing projects, and many in which they must write in AP/journalism style, but the Learning Center didn’t have a copy. I believed it was important for the Learning Center to have a stylebook for COM and students in other majors who may be producing assignments that include journalistic or public-relations-style writing, and who may want support for writing in the somewhat different style those genres demand apart from Standard Written English.”

Media Club member Darren Greene helps Learning Center Director Megan Rehm display the AP stylebook the Media Club donated to the center. Photo by Michael Lear-Olimpi

Media Club member Darren Greene helps Learning Center Director Megan Rehm display the AP stylebook the Media Club donated to the center. Photo by Michael Lear-Olimpi

The 613-volume reference is a compact dictionary of words and phrases, punctuation and diction, along with scores of other usages standardized for use in journalistic writing, which is typically more economical than other forms of writing, such as essays or research papers.

The stylebook is divided into a lengthy section of alphabetically ordered word listings, and separate sections for specialty usages, such as in religion, fashion, business, sports, food and business writing and reporting.

Punctuation and a section on media-law considerations are included in sections in the second half of the book.

For consistency, to promote and maintain accuracy and, in doing so, trustworthiness in its product, The Associated Press employs some spellings and other usages, including punctuation, in ways different from usages in Standard Written English. Some of these differences have historical bases, but most of them are purely practical for stories produced locally or nationally and shared with scores of thousands of members of The Associated Press cooperative, which includes media outlets and public-relations departments, divisions and agencies around the world.

“Thank you, very much,” Learning Center Director Megan Rehm said. “I welcome this donation. I’m sure it will be a valuable resource for Learning Center clients.”

The Learning Center had no copy of the stylebook. Prof. Lear-Olimpi had provided a copy to The Writing Center, on which he was an informal adviser when it was being created in 2013.

The copy in the library is a reserve book and can used in the library for a set number of hours, but does not circulate outside the building.

To comment on this story or to suggest one, contact TheKnightlyEditors@CentralPenn.Edu.

Prof. Lear-Olimpi is co-adviser of the Knightly News Media Club and editor of the Knightly News blog.

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Knightly News Campus Spotlight on Reference Librarian Emily Reed

‘It’s all about availability to students.’

By Norman Geary

Media Club Reporter


Imagine you attend a small college in Central Pennsylvania.

You’re one of about 1,100 students.

It has a high-quality library staffed by several expert librarians, one of whom is dedicated to instruction and reference.

Yes, it’s Central Penn College.

And, as some of you may know, that librarian is Emily Reed.

Reed attended Taylor University, Muncie, Ind., where she earned her undergraduate degree in music education. She also holds a master’s degree in library information science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Six months after she graduated from Pitt, Reed got a call from Central Penn College, and accepted the offer to be the school’s instruction and reference librarian. She started last spring.

Reed sat down recently with Knightly News Media Club @ Central Penn College to talk about what she does, and why.

Knightly News:  What was it like when you received the call from Central Penn College that you would be the instruction and reference librarian?

Reed: I was so excited! I was just ecstatic. I could not wait to come here, to just start.

On any day, Reed faces many challenges assisting students. Central Penn students come from various backgrounds and stages in life, and not all are of traditional college age, so Reed is available to all students, including adult learners.

Central Penn College's Reference Librarian Emily Reed.  Photo by Norman Geary

Central Penn College’s Reference Librarian Emily Reed. Photo by Norman Geary

Knightly News: As far as projects, what is a standard day like for you? Please explain getting ready for the students.

Reed: We have online guides, and each online guide is pinpointed to that major. Each major has a subject guide that gives tips about researching just for that major. We also have a variety of online resources, and some resources are better for certain majors. Then you have instructional sessions, which will instruct students how to use the database that make the most sense for that major. Then we show them the subject guides for that major, so they know what supporting materials are available to them, to guide them to help that is specific to that major.

Reed also conducts seminars on APA (American Psychological Association) format, along with many other projects.

Knightly News: Tell us more about you getting ready for the instructional sessions that you conduct at the library.

Reed: So, for whatever session I am preparing, I have a lesson plan that I develop. I base that lesson plan on whatever those faculty members and I talked about, because every session is different. So sometimes, a faculty member will say, “I’m giving my student an assignment. Can you go over APA formatting for that assignment?”  And in that case, I will teach about APA formatting.  Some students will want APA formatting and citations, which is the whole shebang. And this process takes about an hour – to do the citation and formatting lesson. It just depends on what that faculty member wants.

Knightly News: How do you make adjustments in your day to accommodate student and faculty needs, given you have only so much time?

Reed: As librarians, a large part of our job is availability. Being available to answer questions, and spend that quality time helping students with … assignment(s). So, we have ongoing projects we have to complete, but our first priority is the student’s success. And whatever you need, we will assist you when it comes to research and assignments.

The Knightly News encourages our students, regardless of delivery method, to seek out Emily for help with research.  Remember, there are always plenty of ways to contact the library.  Find out more information at their library website at:  http://www.centralpenn.edu/college-services/library/

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