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Here’s “What’s New at the Ballpark”

Media club reporters represent Central Penn at first-ever Phillies college media night, in Philadelphia

By Norman Geary

Knightly News Reporter

 PHILADELPHIA – Last month, two Knightly News Media Club reporters were among college journalists who attended a Philadelphia Phillies season preview presentation at the team’s field in the City of Brotherly Love.

Phillies spokesperson Lauren Testa said it was first such event for college reporters.

Norman Geary, former media club vice president, and reporter Keith Gudz, who handles club fundraisers and promotions, were on hand for the  “What’s New at the Ballpark,” hosted by the Phillies and the Aramark food-and-entertainment corporation, at Citizens Bank Park.

The event kicked off  at 6 p.m., with:

  • Master of ceremonies and Phillies radio host Jim Jackson
  • Former Phillies player Tommy Greene
  • The Phillies Phanatic mascot
  • The Phillies Ballgirls, women with softball experience who use their skill and baseball gloves to protect fans in lower-row seats from foul balls
  • Former National Football League defensive tackle Hollis Thomas, who played for the Eagles from 1996 to 2005

Event high points

The event also included ballpark food-and-wine sampling, and prizes.  Music was provided by 98.1 FM.

The event was invitation-only.  College media representatives were invited to interview any of the 150 attending.

Geary poses with a statue of Phillies' great Robin Roberts before the festivities.  Photo by Keith Gudz.

Geary poses with a statue of Phillies’ great Robin Roberts before the festivities. Photo by Keith Gudz.

People are talking

New food, fashion and fan-participation programs for the 2017 season were unveiled –and the team previewed its new college “lineup” of Phillies perks, including student discounts, specially themed night-game ticket offers and college Phillies caps.

Check out for more information.

Promoting fan access

“It’s strictly talking about the giveaways,” Scott Brandreth, Phillies merchandising director, said of team promotions.  “It’s a great way to get the merchandise out there. This is one thing we have been doing for years and years.  If you give free stuff to get people out to the ball game, sometimes they will get that free stuff and go to the ballpark, enjoy a game, and maybe they will come back again, and we get our logo and our stuff out there.”

Besides T-shirts and bobble head figurines, the Phillies will hold some demographic-specific theme days, such as a men’s 15-and-over for Father’s Day, a women’s tote-bag giveway for Mother’s Day and “a lot of kids’ giveaways,” Brandreth said.

 Benefits to college students

The Phillies held a Phillies College Night April 10 during the Mets game. It featured a special ticket discount, $1 hotdogs and a limited edition Phillies T-shirt in some school colors.

Gudz poses two front office employees during the event.  Photo by Norman Geary.

Gudz poses two front office employees during the event. Photo by Norman Geary.

 Turkey Hill – major Phillies sponsor

One vendor at the event was local-to-Central Penn dairy-foods provider Turkey Hill, based in Lancaster County.

“The new format — I love it!” Jean Noblie, Turkey Hill account executive, said of changes in the stadium that make it easier for fans to access food and beverages. “With the stage and the runway, it encourages people … to purchase (food) during the season. They come over to us to get drinks and dessert, so I get a chance to get them at the beginning, and I get a chance to get them at the end.  I think the event went very well from a marketing standpoint.  The Phillies organization makes sure they include all their vendors.  They say your name to the people, they get your name out there, and you get front and center with them, and get to interact with them.”

Exec highlights value of events

The Knightly News reporters met with Scott Nickle, director of corporate sales for the Phillies.

Nickle emphasized the importance of having “What’s New” events.

“This is a great event because it not only gives us an opportunity to engage with our fans, but it gives our corporate partners a chance to engage with the fans as well, for the fans to see what’s new and what we are offering this year, just to keep things fresh,” Nickle said. “It’s always nice to get people together and to get everybody in the baseball mood again.”


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Podcast Episode 23 Features Women’s Leadership Conference Organizer

The conference comes to Central Penn College on April 24.

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

The Knightly News is proud to release our newest podcast, featuring two female leaders on the Central Penn College campus.

The first segment of the show features Rubina Azizdin of Career Services to discuss next week’s Women’s Leadership Conference, taking place on the Summerdale campus on April 24.

Basic CMYK

During the show, Azizdin discusses the importance of networking and the need for leadership for our aspiring professionals.

Azizdin is the conference organizer and has received a great deal of support from local organizations like PSECU, and spoke about the process of putting together a conference of this scale.

Registration for this conference ends April 18at 5 p.m. and is free to Central Penn College faculty, staff and students.

To register or for more information on presenters, check out this link.

In addition to Azizdin, Knightly News President Sherri Long stops by the studio to discuss upcoming initiatives of her recently elected presidency.

Long has been working on a Knightly News media kit as well as our first print edition of our quarterly newsletter style publication.

The Knightly News Media Club is proud of Sherri, as she does many wonderful things to support the growth of our organization.

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The Knightly News Releases Podcast Episode 22

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

The Knightly News is proud to release our most recent podcast in which we having two excellent guests to update campus happenings and give you advice for your upcoming online classes.

In the first segment on the podcast, Student Activities Director Adrienne Thoman gives an overview to some amazing events coming up on the April calendar.

Thoman discusses the upcoming documentary 13th, being screened on April 27 on campus and the upcoming Women’s Leadership Conference, consistently one of the largest events we hold on campus.

Thoman also discusses “Adrienne’s Featured Three” events of April, especially upcoming home baseball games for the Knights, a combination of events during Welcome Week, David Shatto’s upcoming self-defense classes, and our women’s leadership retreat.

In the second segment of the podcast, Math Professor Cheryl Baker joins the Knightly News to discuss some tips and strategies for approaching your upcoming online math courses.

Our student consistently have questions about how to best approach an online math course, and Baker spends her time on the podcast trying to give her best practices for students who are nervous about these types of courses.

Baker says having the textbook is essential and spending enough time with the material is often most important for success.

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Diversity Committee Continues To Expand Inclusivity, Diversity

More “safe” spaces and ethnic studies are being considered for Central Penn

By Yuliani Sutedjo

Knightly News Reporter


Michael Lear-Olimpi

Knightly News Co-adviser

After three and a half years of discussion and research, Central Penn College recently installed a gender-neutral restroom to expand inclusiveness and diversity on campus.

The gender-neutral restroom is one of four among significant campus inclusivity initiatives the committee has been working on recently.

The restroom:

  • Accommodates the personal needs of transgender people.
  • Recognizes the views of people who do not identify with a gender.
  • Provides families of any gender composition a restroom for more than one member to use at the same time.

“It wasn’t just my idea, but also the Diversity Committee, who wanted to improve the school and look to open another safe space for inclusion and diversity,” said Romeo Azondekon, chief diversity officer, of the gender-neutral restroom.

The Diversity Committee consists of Central Penn faculty and staff members, and usually has a student representative.

Initiative 1 – easier equal access

The first initiative was to make doors at Central Penn accessible for people with a condition or illness that prevents them from opening doors without some assistance.

Automatic door-opening buttons were installed in the Advanced Technology Education Center (ATEC) in the second half of last year.

Previously, the doors were operated remotely by someone inside ATEC at the reception desk.


Yuliani Sutedjo, communications major, and Lester McMillan, an entrepreneurship major, wash their hands in a gender-neutral restroom on Central Penn campus, Feb. 17, 2017. Photo by Sarayuth Pinthong

Initiative 2 – the gender-neutral restroom

Azondekon said the gender-neutral restroom was created not because there was a problem, but because such an accommodation is a part of Central Penn’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

“We believe in inclusiveness and diversities,” Azondekon said.

Personnel from Central Penn’s Facilities Department converted the men’s restroom on the second floor of ATEC into the gender-neutral restroom, which includes two urinals in stalls for privacy, and two toilets in stalls.

A black-on-gray sign outside the restroom says “Gender Neutral” in English and in Braille, and features silhouettes with clothing shapes that traditionally have represented a woman and a man, and one with half-male and half-female traditional clothing attributes, suggesting transgender individuals.

The room is also accessible to people in wheelchairs and with limited walking ability.

The sign outside of the ATEC Bathroom in the second floor lobby. Photo by Sy Pinthong.

The sign outside of the ATEC Bathroom in the second floor lobby showing the Gender Neutral designation. Photo by Sarayuth Pinthong.

The ATEC facility is in addition to two nongender-designated and handicapped-accessible restrooms in the Charles “T.” Jones Leadership Library. All restrooms in ATEC are handicapped-accessible.

The Health Sciences Building has a designated men’s room, women’s room and nongender-designated restroom, though it is not labeled “gender neutral,” according to Dr. Krista Wolfe, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

The difference between gender-neutral and other nongender-designated restrooms is that the former are for people of any gender identification and the latter are generally for anyone to use one person at a time, or for family members to use together, such as when a parent or guardian is with a child who requires adult supervision or assistance.

Azondekon said the Diversity Committee hopes more gender-neutral restrooms will be established on campus.

“(We’re considering) at least one gender neutral restroom in each education building,” he explained.

The campus has a gender-neutral Super Suite, according to Title IX Officer Megan Peterson, who until recently was director of residence life. The unit is one of three themed residences to which students who qualify must apply to live. The others are for Lady Knight basketball players and one for the alumni association, of which current students can be members.

Initiative 3 – ethnic studies

Committee members are working on the third initiative, establishing an ethnic studies program.

“We’d like to have an ethnic studies track at some point,” said Maria James-Thiaw, professor of writing and a member of the Diversity Committee. “It’s something for the future, to better prepare students for the diverse workplaces and world they’ll be entering.”

When such a program would debut at Central Penn is not known.

Initiative 4 – a place to worship

Another project the Diversity Committee is working on is establishing an interfaith/nonfaith-specific prayer room, or other type of space where students can pray, meditate or engage in whatever reflective practice or ritual they choose.

“Some students expressed a desire to have a place where they can contemplate, or formally pray, that is private and quiet,” said Michael Lear-Olimpi, assistant professor of communication and a member of the Diversity Committee. “We have limited space on campus, and members of the committee and Mr. Azondekon have been talking with college officials, staff and faculty about where this space could be.”

Options that have been explored include sharing space with the campus courtroom, providing space in the library, and perhaps cordoning off space in campus housing. Each of these possibilities did not work out, though, because use of the proposed spots was heavier than widely known.

When a prayer space will open for use, or what it will be called or where it will be located, has yet to be determined. Azondekon said the search for a space continues.

“We need one,” he said. “It is important to people who want that.”

Change can take time

The gender-neutral restroom in ATEC was set up relatively quickly, because it involved modest alterations.

Other initiatives, such as establishing the prayer room, can take time because of specific logistics challenges, such as finding an appropriate place on a small campus.

“These initiatives are being discussed properly, and thought out thoroughly,” Azondekon said.


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