Discovery Day is a Success

It’s a Team Effort at Central Penn College

By Norman Geary

Media Club Reporter

Central Penn College recently had high school students on campus to see how students “Live the Knight Life” by visiting classes and  getting the scoop on the College’s programs.

The event is aptly named Discovery Day. It happened on Jan. 27.

Enrollment Events Coordinator Naydia Bonner and Admissions Counselor Curtis Voelker coordinated Discovery Day.

They sat down to talk to The Knightly News Media Club to speak about this important event.

What Bonner and Voelker had to say follows.

From Naydia Bonner

Knightly News: So, what is Discovery Day?

Bonner: Discovery Day is a student event where prospective students get to come on campus and get to shadow a current student and go to classes with them and get a feel of what the night life is like (and to be) a Central Penn student.

Knightly News: What are some of the benefits of participating in this event?

Bonner: They also get an opportunity to tour the campus and meet with faculty and (employees of the) Student Services (Department). They also get a tour, which includes viewing the housing and enjoy seeing the super suites (housing) as well.

Knightly News: Why is Discovery Day held?

Bonner: This is a great opportunity for these prospective students to get to know Central Penn. The purpose of Discovery Day is for these students to really find out if Central Penn is the right place for them.

From Curtis Voelker

Knightly News: Curtis, what is your role in Discovery Day?

Voelker: As an admissions counselor who also conducts presentations within local … high school classrooms, my job is to assist Naydia with Discovery Day by letting students know when it is, and getting the word out about the event.

Knightly News: What other support do you provide for these prospective students?

Voelker: So, within my presentation, there is only so much I can share and show through pictures. So getting students here for Discovery Day is really all about letting them experience a day and life as a Central Penn Knight. Once Discovery Day (is) here, I … assist Naydia with the admissions presentation, along with my coworker Tiffanie Falkenstein (senior admissions counselor), who is also a presenter with the admissions team.

Knightly News: In addition to your presentations, what do you do on Discovery Day to assist Naydia and the team?

Voelker: I also assist with campus tours, whether it be across campus, with housing or through the Underground – whatever it may be.   I also assist with any questions, comments, that students, parents – whoever – may be attending Discovery Day may have.

Perspectives from both

Knightly News: Talk a bit about planning Discovery Day.

Bonner: Planning begins months in advance. I start to prepare the agenda and reach out to the various departments that will be involved. I will speak to different students. I will speak to different student services. I will speak to (Cultural Diversity Director) Romeo (Azondekon), (Counselor) Megan Cline, (Residence Life Director) Megan Peterson, and (Writing Center Director) Dalton (James) … to make sure they are all on board, and they have it on the schedule.

Knightly News: Who else do you get involved in planning this event?

Bonner: We also promote this event to our students on campus as a volunteer opportunity. The students are offered four hours of community service for participating in the event. The way we target those students is with flyers on campus, as well as the club fairs at the beginning of each term. We get students to sign up at that event and they also have the opportunity to sign up at the Core (store in ATEC) or with me at my office.

Knightly News: How did Discovery Day unfold when it was held?

Voelker: Tiffanie Falkenstein and myself conducted the admissions presentation. Afterwards, I led the visiting parents for Discovery Day throughout a campus tour, where we got to see a different component of campus that their sons and daughters may be experiencing here as a Central Penn Knight. Later, we went back to the original room for a presentation on financial aid. We also met with Dean of Students Dave Baker, who shared some more information about what students will be experiencing here on campus. We then had a delicious lunch at the Knight and Day Café, and we wrapped up Discovery Day with a final tour of the super suites.

It seems that another successful Discovery Day has come and gone.  We at the Knightly News thank all of the people involved in making this event possible and look forward to the next Discovery Day.

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