Central Penn College Homecoming Crowning

By Jasmine Harvey

Media Club Reporter


On Oct. 24 as part of the Fall Harvest Festival, Central Penn College crowned their Homecoming queen and princess.

Sawthi Saradha and Jaida May-Woodfolk were the candidates, with both having to pick a non-profit organization to raise money for. Saradha was crowned homecoming queen, choosing the International Red Cross as her organization. Saradha said, “ Being a queen I’m excited because I never had this experience before.”


Jaida May-Woodfolk (left) and Sawthi Saradha (right) both enjoyed the experience of Homecoming.

Jaida May-Woodfolk was crowned homecoming princess, with her organization being NorthWest Victim Services. May-Woodfolk  said, “ It’s a humbling experience, the whole process itself.  It was (an adventure) whether I was queen or princess.”


The contestants received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Both organizations that May-Woodfolk and Saradha supported received donations that will continue to help them serve their mission.

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