London Days

By on 10-24-2013 in Croatia 2013

Visiting London & the Big Ben & Buckingham Palace blog

Even though we only stayed for five days it was a great experience all in it’s own.
The second day there was pretty shaky to start, but then we received a tour of London that made everything se much better. The tour guide told us everything we wanted to know about London and more. After one of the best tours of my life the day ended with a burger and fries half price thanks to the tour guide. That was day two.
Day three consisted of visiting a museum with tons of history in it and them exploring more of the city. We got to look at some stores in the area. Wow we’re they huge..Day four was a trip to the London aquarium that had penguins being feed, octopus and even tiger sharks in the aquarium. This aquarium was awesome we had a blast and later that night we got on the London Eye. This was a huge ferris wheel and at night time it had lights on it that lite up so from a far that you could see it from other areas of town. While on the London Eye it displayed a tablet that could tell you more about the monuments in London and also on the ferris wheel it had places to stand to take the best pictures of the city. In all the ferris wheel took 28 minutes to do a full rotation. This was a great ride with great views. I can’t forget the Buckingham Palace this place or palace should I say was huge, but surprisingly not heavily guarded. The tour guide told us that it only had four guards in watch of the palace. How surprising such a big palace with the queen in it, but only four guards that’s London for you surprisingly different from any place I’ve been before. Our five days in London was something special.