Activities in Split by Stephen Raleigh

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Activities in Split by Stephen Raleigh

A couple of weeks ago we took our first excursion to Split, Dubrovnik, and then to Ston. We rented two rental cars and we were off on our journey. Our first stop was Split. Split was my favorite place we have visited. Split is at the Mediterranean Basin on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Split is the second largest city of Croatia and the largest city in Dalmatian. The city is considered one of the oldest in Croatia. There was a ton to do and see in Split. I was able to see and enjoy a lot of these.  The main attraction in the center of Split is the Roman Palace of Emperor Diocletian. We were lucky enough to get a tour of Split and go through half of the remains of the palace.

During our first night, we got a wonderful tour of Old Town Split and Diocletian Palace. Our tour guide was named Dino and he was great. He spoke English very well and was rather funny. The palace was full of so much history. The fact I thought was most interesting was that Emperor Diocletian was the only Roman Emperor to die of natural causes. He retired from being the Emperor and then came to Croatia where he lived the reminder of his life. The palace was amazing. There were many ruins to observe. The fact that at one time water had come to the edge of the palace was awesome. The throne room and library were huge rooms. We also learned a lot about the history of the palace. The palace was actually preserved by poop. The people that moved into the area after Diocletian didn’t like him and built a sewer system and drilled holes into the palace. When you looked up you could see the holes in the celling. We went through the different rooms. Each room had its own unique feature.

We also took a tour of the outside of the palace to see the sights of Split. The one thing that I really liked was that they recycled everything. They broke the stone sphinx. They then used it as a fountain piece. The tour showed us different things like the Cathedral of St. Domnius and the bell tower, and the Split city museum.

The next day we had free day. I went into the other half of the palace and found an even bigger section. As I was walking from room to room I kept thinking to myself what would it be like to live in this palace. I then walked out of the palace and went into the Cathedral of St. Domnius. I was able to get a deal for 10 euros I could do the Cathedral, Bell tower, temple of Venus, and the temple of Jupiter. Inside the Cathedral you couldn’t take any pictures but the sights were amazing. I walked through and was able to the treasury inside of it. The treasury had all kinds of artifacts and relics. These were the relics of Saint Duje. They had gold treasures and other artifacts. The cathedral itself was smaller than what I thought. It was very humbling to be inside it. Outside of the cathedral was the bell tower. The bell tower was a huge building that you could look out and see all of Split. The surrounding mountains and then the sea provided a spectacular view.  The two temples were both interesting, but my personal favorite, out of the two, was the Temple of Jupiter. The Temple of Jupiter displayed a large monument of St. John. Our next stop  was in Dubrovnik.

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