Dobar Dan! (Good Day!): Study Abroad in Croatia

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Dobar Dan! (Good Day!): Study Abroad in Croatia

Hello from Zadar Croatia!

This is Professor Davison, aka Prof D, aka Papa D. My wife, Mary (aka Mama D) and I have just made the trip to Zadar Croatia with 12 great Central Penn College students for a seven week study abroad program. This is the Central Penn Cultural Immersion Program.

Our flights, Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Germany and Frankfurt to Zadar, Croatia, went well and were on time. We arrived in Zadar just before noon on Friday, September 27. All 14 of us made it with all our bags except one bag that arrived on the 28th. Our apartment owner, Tomislav Kera, met us at the airport with some friends and took us to his apartment. When we arrived, the owners of our second apartment, Ivan and Dragica Knezevic had a luncheon waiting for us on white-table clothed picnic tables outdoors under kiwi vines. The temperature was 21 degrees celcius (about 70 degrees fahrenheit) and the sky was clear.  After lunch several students went swimming in the beautiful, clear, Adriatic Sea which is 50 yards from our apartments.

It is our tradition to have a “first night dinner”. Tomislav arranged a magnificent meal at a traditional Croatian restaurant in old town Zadar where we feasted on the local seafood: fish soup, mussels, ink-fish risotta and pasta, and tuna. (Arsenio Hill learned how to eat a shrimp’s head!)  Tomislav and his sister Maria joined us as we were serenaded by a trio who sang us the local songs while they played accordian and guitars. The trio also led us in a “Happy Birthday” tribute to immersion student Dwight Mckell.

The next day I took all students to the local supermarket where they tested their Hrvatski (Croatian)-to- English phrase books and their “Govorite li Engleski” (do you understand English?) to buy a supply of groceries for the week. The students were quite proud of their acc0mplishments at the supermarket. Food prices are very reasonable in Croatia.

Tonight, students are preparing a home-cooked group dinner and a birthday cake for Christal Lewis.

Students will spend the next seven weeks exploring Croatia and meeting people to learn about the Croatian culture. Students will read books about Croatia, meet and interview Croatian people, plan and take excursions to Croatian and other European destinations and write reports on all of this to tell us what they learned. They will also research selected topics about Croatia, write research papers, and give a presentation on their experience when they return to the US. They will be very busy!

Look to this blog to hear their experiences!

Professor Davison (Papa D)

Arrival in Zadar

Arrival in Zadar!

First Night Dinner - Stomorica Restaurant in Old Town

First Night Dinner – Stomorica Restaurant in Old Town

Ink Fish Risotta, Pasta and Shrimp


  1. Sounds like a great start to your trip! Looking forward to hearing more! Not so sure about Ink Fish Risotta, though. Haha.

  2. Looks amazing! Have fun, enjoy yourselves and soak up the culture. Make the most of this experience. Please share it with us when you return!

  3. So excited for you all. Enjoy every minute of it!

  4. Sounds amazing!!! I hope you all have a wonderful, memorable experience! I look forward to the updates and I cannot wait to see all of the photos. Enjoy!!!

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