My Aussie Family

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My Aussie Family

I recently had dinner with my Aussie family and it was amazing! I met a great young man named Josh on the basketball court and we became instant friends. During a conversation, he invited me to have dinner at his house and I happily accepted his invitation. After basketball practice his grandmother came and picked us up. Immediately from the car ride we were having good conversation and excited for what was in store for dinner.

When we got to their beautiful home I met Josh’s mother, his four sisters, and his little brother. They were all ecstatic to meet me and I was just as ecstatic to meet them.
His mother and I spoke a lot about the history of Australia, about the Aboriginal history of Australia, and how people feel about the Aboriginal people today. We also talked about government, economy, and the comparisons between the U.S and Australia. As we started talking about various subjects, it was already dinner time! We had a great Australian meal.

The name was Gristles and it was something that I had never eaten before. It reminded me of a meat patty filled with a bunch of different vegetables. I loved it, and it tasted great. I sat down with all the kids and we all talked and laughed around the dinner table. Josh’s little brother Jack really liked me, and he was one of the smartest two year old I have ever met. That little guy would not stop talking and he made me laugh all night.

After dinner Beth, Josh’s Grandmother, spoke to me a lot about what she used to do and how she recently retired. She worked in Real-Estate and retired the day before I got there. We spoke about school, and how different the school system is in Australia compared to the U.S. We had great conversation all night and at the end of the night I didn’t want to leave. They accepted me as part of the family by the end of the night and I loved every minute of it. The hospitality, care, and great food made it a wonderful experience and I hope to keep in touch with this family for the rest of my life.

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