Game Time!

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Game Time!

On October 24, Carl Roberts, Quinn Wetherall, Brother Dent-bey decided to go to the local gym to play basketball. As we all played, we met some great Aussie players and made memorable connections. The basketball game was actually organized and we just showed up hoping to get in the game and maybe play a little. Fortunately, we were able to play more than we expected. The minute we showed up we were recognized and welcomed with open arms. The other players wanted to know where we were from and invited us to play. The director of the program mulled it over and said sure! Why not? We got in the game and showed them how we played basketball and it was the best time ever.  We made great shots and even had Professor Davidson there to cheer us on every step of the way.

The Aussies had great skills and it was a live game that started to get pretty intense towards the end.  The score was pretty close in the last quarter, but we managed to only lose by six points. Not bad huh?  The great thing is we didn’t care anymore about the score we just cared about playing the game we loved with people who shared our interests. We loved the intensity and the passion that they put into the sport and it reminded us that when it comes to sports we are not so different. I met a great kid who I nicknamed “ Kobe” and he was very talented. He had a great shot and we bonded after the game.

After the game, we all established our own individual friendships with the players. I became friends with Josh, the guy I met and nicknamed during the game, and continued communication with him on Face book. Carl received an interview with the director of the program. Quinn and Brother became friends with two men from their teams. We all created connections and formed a bond that can be shared internationally. It was amazing how this one sport could bring us together and help us to realize how unique and different our countries are yet we all became one on the court, and I think that was a moment that I will always cherish for the rest of my life.

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