Learning History from Down Under

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Learning History from Down Under



“Their history isn’t our history but learning their history is important.” Ericka Joseph

Hello Readers!


My name is Ericka Joseph and I am one of the students that was selected to go to Australia this year. Traveling to Australia has given me the opportunity to learn the history of the Australian people. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting an Aboriginal during my excursion to Sydney.


Coming to Australia has really taught me the importance of learning not only my history but the history of others as well. Throughout these last six weeks I have learned a lot about Australian history and when I visited Hervey Bay Baptist Church, I learned about the Aboriginal spirituality. I have really enjoyed travelling to different places in Australia and learning new and exciting things about their culture. Australians truly appreciate their history and show their appreciation by sharing it with others.


The most fascinating thing that I have learned during my time is the history of the people who originated here, which were the Aboriginal people. I never knew about the Aboriginal people until I arrived in Australia. Learning about the history and culture of the Aboriginal people has been so exciting from their art to their spirituality. Aboriginals pass their heritage on through their dancing, singing and art work. The art work is demonstrated by people throughout this beautiful country. I was very fortunate to see an Aboriginal perform during my excursion to Sydney.


While walking around Sydney, I heard a strange sound and saw a crowd of people. So I walked towards them. Once I finally managed to push my way through the large crowd, I saw what the commotion was about. There was an Aboriginal man playing an instrument that I never saw before. I later found out the gadget that was used during the performance was called the didgeridoo. The didgeridoo is a long wooden tube, which is traditionally made from a hollow branch. The instrument is blown into and has such a unique sound. The didgeridoo has been used for centuries by Aboriginals and plays a huge part in their traditions.

Overall, the performance was incredible. I really enjoyed my time learning about the Aboriginal culture. I am very happy that I was selected to have this once in a life time experience and I will never trade this experience in for anything in the world.

What is the most unique instrument that you have ever played or heard?


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  1. Glad you had a good time learning more about the Aboriginal people. They have are very important in Australia for the history and culture of the country as a whole. I love how much they respect the land and animals unlike the rest of the world

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