Sydney Styles

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Sydney Styles

Friday Happy Hour at the QuayBar on the Circular Quay

Regretfully, I’m just back from Sydney. If there was ever a place on Earth that suited all my needs it would be Sydney. If I had no strings, I would stay there forever. It has everything; cosmopolitan city-life, culture, and BEACHES! There are gorgeous beaches with  tropical turquoise water in Sydney. The minute I got off the ferry in Manly and walked down the Corso to the Pacific I felt at home.
I try not to dress like a grandma, whatever that means, and keep an eye on the fashion trends from magazines or what the younger people are wearing. While in downtown Sydney, I couldn’t help but admire the way the population dressed there. Sydney was described in the guidebooks as the Australian congregation of ‘beautiful people’. The residents here are known to be very fitness oriented, fashion conscious and regarded as snobby by the rest of Australia. Yes, I got that all from a guidebook. If you ask me, the rest of the country, as well as the rest of the world, could take some cues from them. By the way, the men are gorgeous here; it must be something in the water.

Here are a few fashion trends I noticed. Skinny jeans and ballet flats are almost like a uniform in Sydney for casual dress. And scarves. I’ve been reading about a trend toward sheer tops and color-blocking in the fashion magazines, and I found these trends evident in Sydney. Being a shoe fanatic, I loved the embellished sandals and over-the-top platforms, as well as the low boots.

The men there seem to have no problem dressing in the latest trends without feeling awkward. They also wear the skinny jeans, but with those leather shoes with the long square toes (I don’t know what they’re called), or with low sneakers. Most are seen with well fitted narrow jeans and tailored narrow dress shirts with the tails out. I also saw lots of men in Ralph Lauren Polo shirts with the big horse emblem on the front. Stylish leather man-purses were everywhere.
That being said, I felt frumpy my entire stay there. I wish I had known we were going to the opera, I could have shown the “beautiful people” a thing or two. I own way too many LBD’s (little black dresses). On the bright side, I was dressed comfortably for the miles and miles we walked over the course of our week there. I hope I didn’t stick out too much. I only saw a few of the ‘beautiful people’ pointing and laughing at me….
What is your favorite outfit that you feel the most comfortable in?

Where’s my LBD?

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