Epic Excursions

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Epic Excursions

G’ Day Mates!

So far, I’ve had the pleasure of going on two excursions. The group and I have been to Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef. I may have said it before, but it is surreal that we are in Australia. Our first trip without Momma or Poppa D was to Lady Elliot Island, the Great Barrier Reef. It went well and we all came back with smiles on our faces. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous before we left for the Great Barrier Reef because as I mentioned earlier, it was the first un-chaperoned trip of this year’s immersion program excursions. Today, I am proud to say that I am not worried about our upcoming adventure because I trust the people I am traveling with and they trust me. We really are becoming a small family and without this experience, that would not have happened.

Now, Megan, Marilee, Kelsey, Ericka, Joy, Caprice, Brittany, Cierra and I are back at it again. We are heading to Sydney today at 1:00am for some educational exploring. The group and I will ride on the Greyhound bus for five hours to our stop in Brisbane. Then, we will board our flight to Sydney. We will be there for a total of six days and will be staying in hostels.  One of the best parts of this trip is the fact that we have stayed a couple of places and now know the Do’s and Don’ts of packing. The biggest lesson I learned during our last stay was that not every hostel in Australia will provide a towel and wash cloth for free. You can bet your bottom dollar that my current packed bag has a towel and two wash cloths.  What is the most important lesson you have learned from traveling and where were you traveling when you learned it?

Term of the Day: Rip Snorter. This means Great, Fantastic.

We are finally Sydney Bound


  1. I had a predilection to pack EVERYTHING with me when traveling. I always felt like I needed to be prepared for any type of scenario or weather, but I slowly learned my lesson after traveling to the Caribbean. I learned to not pack so many clothes. Clothes can be washed and worn again. I learned that certain items can be bought or borrowed. But mostly, I learned to just enjoy trips and not stress out about small stuff!

    • Lessons learned, that is for sure! You are right, clothes can be washed so there is no reason to pack so many when you go on trips. Especially when those trips are short and you are likely to be on your feet most of the time sight seeing. Thank you for the great tips! :)

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