Yes, We Have To Do Homework Down Under

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Yes, We Have To Do Homework Down Under

Our time down here is not all fun and games, we have lots of work to do. I am taking 15 credits this semester which means I have to do 4 excursion reports, 3 book reports, 4 interview reports, 2 research papers and a journal. Here is an unofficial version of an excursion report on an unofficial excursion I recently took to Brisbane. The official version would have to be 4-6 pages.

IDS315/405 – Global Cultural Study
Excursion Report and Analysis
Marilee Houtz
18 October, 2012

I. EXCURSION: Brisbane
II. DATES: 13 October to 15 October, 2012
III. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: (this is would be 5 in a normal report)
a. To explore the history of Brisbane and its historic influence on Queensland and Australia
b. To investigate the transportation systems available to Brisbane natives and visitors.
Saturday 13 October, 2012
a. Leave Hervey Bay via bus to arrive in Brisbane
b. Check into Banana Benders Hostel
c. Walk to Victoria Bridge and across to South Bank Parklands
d. Queen St Mall
e. Dinner at Happy Jacks (Burger King)
Sunday 14 October, 2012
a. Church service at St John’s Lutheran Church
b. Yoghurt (Australian spelling) at Starbucks
c. Walk from Waterfront Place to Botanical Gardens and the Goodwill Bridge
d. Maritime Museum
e. Markets and City Beach
f. “Portrait of Spain” display at Queensland Museum
Monday 15 October, 2012
a. Bus ride to Hervey Bay
V. PLACES, ACTIVITIES, AND EVENTS: This is where I would gush over all the wonderful exciting places I visited and explored. I’ll give you the synopsis; I had a blast, but by Monday morning my feet and legs were done and I headed back.
VI. PEOPLE: This is where would I talk about the people I met along my journey in Brisbane. But, since this wasn’t a real excursion (the school didn’t pay for it), I did what I love to do when travelling, which is to go entire days sucking in the atmosphere of new places without speaking to anyone. I know that’s not right, but that’s me.
VII. KEY LEARNINGS: This is where we would have to list five things we learned on our excursions and is the most important part of the report.
a. I visited the Maritime Museum with the intent to gather some information for my research paper on transportation in Australia, but I really didn’t gather anything useful. I did learn about the dry dock there, and explored a World War II frigate.
b. After wandering through the beach and the markets, I entered the architecturally and aestetically awesome Queensland Museum and enthralled myself in sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish art. I stood for long periods of time staring at these masterpieces, examining each brushstroke that was painted centuries ago. Some of these pieces looked like photographs up close, the detail was that impressive.
VIII. RECOMMENDATION: I recommended this inexpensive trip to my fellow students, although I recommended they take others with them. Professor Davison descried me as a “seasoned” traveler, which basically means to me that I love to get lost. I stumble across more interesting things than any map could display. I stumbled across a festival, an open air market and a Max Brenner Chocolate Restaurant on this trip. I can’t wait to see what I stumble across on my real excursions!
What interesting things have you stumbled across in your journey of life?



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