Education Foundation Presents Inaugural Faculty Achievement Awards

Central Penn College Education Foundation
(Faculty Achievement Award recipients Karen Hurst and Jack Babinchak received their grants during Commencement Week 2017.)


By Matt Lane, Executive Director, Central Penn College Education Foundation

The education foundation is best identified for its efforts to help Central Penn College students with need-based scholarships. Because of remarkable donor support, the foundation feels that it’s on the right path by awarding more than 1,500 scholarships to date. 

Lesser known is that the foundation bylaws allow for aid to full-time faculty. This clause has often been on my mind; however, it was the encouragement and financial support of a former member of the College’s board of directors to realize that now is the time to act. This generous individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, helped guide us through the process to create this new opportunity for faculty professional development. 

In essence, the Faculty Achievement Fund rewards outstanding, full-time faculty with awards to pursue opportunities for professional growth, such as conference attendance and research support.

The annual award is presented to up to two faculty members, with a maximum value of $2,000 each. The education foundation’s goal is to increase the number of awards through additional donations. 

Last, but not least, congratulations to Karen Hurst and Jack Babinchak for being chosen for the first Faculty Achievement Awards!

Karen Hurst, M.Ed., Program Chair in Math and Science, will travel to a central California church comprised of mostly Mexican immigrants. Karen will tutor parents on how to assist their children with their STEM classes using today’s basic educational technology. 

Jack Babinchak, Ph.D., Dean, School of Business, plans to purchase a statistical software license to complete research on adaptive learning tools and present his research at a professional conference. 

I am so grateful to our trustees and donors who push our team to make the foundation stronger and supportive of changing needs.  The next round of applications for two Faculty Achievement Awards will be due in April of 2018. Look for information on how to apply early next year. 

A Year of 2016 Building Relationships

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MattThe true measure of the education foundation’s success each year is its ability to increase the dollar amount of scholarships that are awarded, as well as to help more students than ever through scholarships.

Because of the generosity of you and others, 2016 has been another banner year!

The Central Penn golf open, annual appeal letters, Changing the Landscape Campaign for Scholarships Phase 3: Super Suites, faculty and staff-engaged Jeans for Scholarships and other fundraising activities were very successful.

Thank you!

I am also excited about the leap in progress of the Central Penn Alumni Association, aided by the Office of Alumni Engagement. More alumni than ever are corresponding, participating in alumni events, mentoring students and, yes, donating to the education foundation.

Enjoy the pages within this Impact Report, in which you and others are honored and celebrated. You are very special to us!

Many blessings to you and your loved ones in 2017.

Matthew G. Lane
Executive Director
Central Penn College Education Foundation

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Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Jaime Buechel


“Hello, my name is Jaime Buechel and I am in my third semester at Central Penn College. I am currently majoring in Business Administration and in the Bachelor Degree Program. My future plans after I graduate from Central Penn would be to open my own wedding/ event venue. Since I live in Perry County there are a lot of dilapidated barns that would be an amazing place to renovate to later become a venue area. I aim and strive to make people happy and I feel that owning a wedding / event venue will allow me to help achieve that goal.

The Central Penn College Education Foundation allows for the students at Central Penn to be able to earn scholarships that help the students to be successful in their career goals. The scholarship that I received through the education foundation from the Lawrence and Julia Hoverter Foundation helped me to buy my third semester books as well as take money off my tuition bill. Not only do I appreciate getting a scholarship, but the students of Central Penn appreciate the efforts that bring scholarships to the school.”

To learn how you can support students like Jamie through the Central Penn College Education Foundation scholarship program, visit or reach out to the foundation team at 717-728-2263 or

Why I Support the Central Penn College Education Foundation


By John W. Packer
Principal, Insight Partners 

I have supported and continue to support a variety of charitable organizations whose mission is delivered as far away as Africa, to those whose outreach is limited to Central Pennsylvania.  As one who is passionate about the ever-increasing need for education and learning in a world that is rapidly becoming more knowledge- and technology-based, it is a very easy decision for me to include Central Penn’s students’ needs in my portfolio of worthy organizations to support.  And while I give to other colleges and universities, Central Penn and its students occupy a special place in my heart, for whenever I am on campus—which is several times per-year—it is so easy to appreciate and be inspired by these kids who are taking advantage of a Central Penn education in order to change their lives. 

Click here find out more about the Central Penn College Education Foundation.

“Yes, I want to see a Central Penn student graduate!”


Thank you for aiding the mission of the Central Penn College Education Foundation through your support of life-changing scholarships for Central Penn students.

Gifts of $25, $50 and $100 help to keep Central Penn College students enrolled. In fact, last year, 48% of donors gave $100 or less. The cumulative effect of those who say, “Yes, I want to see a Central Penn student graduate!” is enormous.

In 2015, 204 students received scholarships to keep them enrolled — showing that your gift does make a compelling difference.


  • Traditional Scholarships Fund: aids tuition and residential expenses
  • Knights Fund: supports extracurricular activities and clubs
  • Emergency Fund: helps students facing unexpected shortfalls

Please help the education foundation as we continue our success in aiding deserving students. Remember — the selective award process means that only “most-likely-to-succeed” students receive education foundation scholarships.

Thank you again for making your tax-deductible gift to help Central Penn students today! Please use the enclosed envelope or visit

Many blessings,

Matthew G. Lane
Executive Director
Central Penn College Education Foundation

Curtis Voelker, Graduate and Central Penn Admissions Counselor

My name is Curtis Voelker. I am a 2012 business and marketing, graduate and an Admissions Counselor here at Central Penn College.

Like many central Penn students, I am the first person in my family to receive a college education and I am also solely financially responsible for my education.

The Central Penn College Education Foundation has continued to help me give back and make an impact as a Central Penn Knight.

College itself is not just a time to learn and grow academically, it is also a time to develop personally and professionally. A time where we start to find answers to the questions “where do we want to go, what do we want to do, and who do we want to be”? As we grow into the men and women we are about to be for our future families, communities, and industries, the path we take can sometimes be very difficult.

Through the generosity and support of the foundation and its donors, I did not have to shoulder the financial burden of earning my degree alone as a foundation scholarship recipient. 

As my way of saying “thank you” to the donors that supported so many Knights like myself,  I have served on the board of trustees of the foundation for 4 years currently and am also a donor. 

I strongly encourage YOU as current student, potential student, graduate, faculty or staff member, or a member of our community to find a way that best fits  you to develop a relationship with the foundation to not only benefit yourself  but also benefit our fellow Knights on theirs and your path forward. 

Welcome to the CPC Education Foundation’s Blog


Greetings Friends!

The Central Penn College Education Foundation is always looking for new ways to share updates about the positive impact the organization is making every day on Central Penn College’s campus.  This new blog – to be published regularly through the Education Foundation office – will help expose you to the many ways our students are being assisted through scholarships. In addition, you’ll learn about how Central Penn alumni, community partners and local organizations are making a lasting difference in the lives of Central Penn students.  We are excited to share news with you in this fresh format and we look forward to your feedback! 

As Executive Director of the Education Foundation since 2007, I have seen first-hand how transformational a scholarship can be for a student who needs it.  At the heart of the Education Foundation’s mission is a desire and drive to help students overcome financial barriers to complete their studies and earn a degree.  Did you know that nearly 85% of our approximately 1400 scholarship recipients have successfully graduated, are still enrolled, or are continuing their education beyond Central Penn College?  This is a statistic we are especially proud of.

While tuition-based scholarships make up the majority of the assistance the Education Foundation provides to Central Penn students, there are several other innovative funds that have been established to benefit those enrolled at the college.  From financially helping students to study abroad through the college’s International Immersion program to providing them with the latest technological resources to complement their studies, the Education Foundation continually looks for ways to impact the success of Central Penn students.  In fact, there are 71 separate and unique donor funds within the Education Foundation’s endowment that have been designed to help students in a variety of ways.  

As you learn more about the Education Foundation through our periodic blog posts, you may want to get more involved as a volunteer or a financial contributor.    Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 717-728-2263. 

Thank you for your interest in the Central Penn College Education Foundation!