A Year of 2016 Building Relationships

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MattThe true measure of the education foundation’s success each year is its ability to increase the dollar amount of scholarships that are awarded, as well as to help more students than ever through scholarships.

Because of the generosity of you and others, 2016 has been another banner year!

The Central Penn golf open, annual appeal letters, Changing the Landscape Campaign for Scholarships Phase 3: Super Suites, faculty and staff-engaged Jeans for Scholarships and other fundraising activities were very successful.

Thank you!

I am also excited about the leap in progress of the Central Penn Alumni Association, aided by the Office of Alumni Engagement. More alumni than ever are corresponding, participating in alumni events, mentoring students and, yes, donating to the education foundation.

Enjoy the pages within this Impact Report, in which you and others are honored and celebrated. You are very special to us!

Many blessings to you and your loved ones in 2017.

Matthew G. Lane
Executive Director
Central Penn College Education Foundation

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