Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Jaime Buechel


“Hello, my name is Jaime Buechel and I am in my third semester at Central Penn College. I am currently majoring in Business Administration and in the Bachelor Degree Program. My future plans after I graduate from Central Penn would be to open my own wedding/ event venue. Since I live in Perry County there are a lot of dilapidated barns that would be an amazing place to renovate to later become a venue area. I aim and strive to make people happy and I feel that owning a wedding / event venue will allow me to help achieve that goal.

The Central Penn College Education Foundation allows for the students at Central Penn to be able to earn scholarships that help the students to be successful in their career goals. The scholarship that I received through the education foundation from the Lawrence and Julia Hoverter Foundation helped me to buy my third semester books as well as take money off my tuition bill. Not only do I appreciate getting a scholarship, but the students of Central Penn appreciate the efforts that bring scholarships to the school.”

To learn how you can support students like Jamie through the Central Penn College Education Foundation scholarship program, visit or reach out to the foundation team at 717-728-2263 or

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