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Join Us for Another Write On Time Cafe!

The Central Pen E-zine presents ANOTHER Write On Time Cafe! a creative writing and slam prep workshop.  Join us on Wednesday, September 4th from 3.30-4.30 in the Charles Jones library. Refreshments will be served and there will be fun, free giveaways for the participants.  Come join club advisers, Professors Maria Thiaw and Melissa Wehler, as well as the Central Pen student editors for an afternoon of creating and crafting.  For more information, email us at thecentralpen@gmail.com.

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Hate to Love Writing?

Writing is not just writing words on paper and composing text of fiction or nonfiction information–it is a form of art. It is not merely a way to deliver factual information but also a way to express ones’ thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately, writing is often perceived as something boring and life-less.  Sure, it may seem that way when you have to write about something that does not interest you, but that is when you have to discover and immerse yourself in your creative juices and let the piece reflect you. 

Informational and factual pieces can be boring to write about but there are still ways to be creative when delivering the information to your readers. One does not always have to present the information traditionally. One can get creative and use different words and writing formats to keep yourself and the reader interested.

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People do not tend to realize that it does not matter what type of written of work it is–the piece still reflects you because what you chose to write or how to write it either articulates how you think or reveals various personality traits.

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For instance, if one has to write an historical piece, that historical event can be delivered in a storyteller format. History is not just facts and information; there is a story behind every historical fact. These days, we are so used to boring trivia facts being thrown at us that we are expected to memorize but those are just the facts, but what about the story behind it?

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