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The Professional Writer: Bridging the Gap between Page and Stage with Carla Christopher


Central Pennsylvania’s arts scene is alive and thriving because it is held up by pillars like professional writer, Carla Christopher, York city’s Arts & Culture Liaison and host of Culture & Main. Carla is no stranger to Central Penn College. When she was Poet Laureate of York, PA she performed here in celebration of “Poem in Your Pocket Day, 2013.” Her small press, Poem Sugar, has published the works of some of our faculty and staff and she even gave our Corporate Communications students a taste of real world broadcasting by inviting them to a taping of her TV Show, Culture and Main. One of those students, Amanda Kloehr, read her poetry on the show.

This artistic entrepreneur is the glue that keeps Central PA’s cultural scene together. That is no easy task, especially when there are conflicts even within specific artistic genres. Take poetry for example, where traditional “page” poets and stage performers fight for domination, each one seeing their style as the only right way to do poetry. Regardless of this ongoing debate, Carla Christopher is a bridge between the two.

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Students Celebrate The Central Pen Launch with Explosive Open Mic Night

Students listen to Jordan Parrish's electric performance

Students listen to Jordan Parrish’s electric performance

On June 12, the students of Central Penn College celebrated the launch of their new e-zine, The Central Pen, with poetry and performance.  The e-zine will feature creative works by students, faculty, staff, and community members along with articles and posts by students and faculty.  You can submit your own work to The Central Pen by clicking here.

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